Jun 26, 2011

move on falcon

Good morning to another rainy Sunday.:) The rain has been pouring for a week now and the damages done by "falcon" is just so devastating. Tonight (well technically it's Sunday morning already), I asked my 3 year old daughter to give thanks and be contented because the family is in a comfortable state right now. I am thankful because my family is safe. Though, the night is silent except for the sound of the rain on our rooftop, I can't help but think about the poor people who's houses were damaged by this typhoon. I am/was only getting bits and pieces of information on the news about what's happening to other places and the thing that obviously got stuck in my mind was the news in Marikina where 25k people were being evacuated to local schools because the place was totally flooded. According to one of my teachers, Marikina was not a good place to live on or invest money in houses because the location is basin-like which will easily be flooded. The people most probably already know that this was the case but they still built their houses there. I am not on the blaming position here. During times like this, you get to think of that what if's to save people and from what I've heard, there are a lot of casualties. And again, the same thing happened when "ondoy" hit the Phil. way back. I know that actions are being carried out and that is good when it comes to making progress but when there are 25k homeless people trying to sleep their way out on this situation, all I can do is pray for them to have more strength and keep the faith to survive this.