Jun 21, 2011

and so classes started plus work stuff :)

Good morning Tuesday. This is indeed the perfect time to be lazy. Too lazy to wake up early for my p.e. class. Did I mention that I enrolled billiards and I suck at it so I sucked in on the comforter rather than attending the class. I will most probably be making a career out of my subjects after the preliminary exams. When I see my grades all in an "ax" mode, I will be dying to make it all to the "fatty" mode. Right now, nothing's new at school. I am still the silent kuno type. I was called a "madam" and ma'am last week btw. As much as I want to eeeekkk all I want, I decided not to because after all, I am 24 and my fashion style may sometimes differ from what they think is cool. I, for some reason also was voted as a secretary to one of my subjects by someone (a guy) whom I never met. I was too shy *chos* to look at that person and until now, he is still unknown to me. I can't say that I am still groping and adjusting at school. I think I'll live *evil laugh*. I also enrolled Effective Writing this sem thinking that I can work on my sloppy writing technique only to find out that it's talking about how to do research. Uhuh, who knows, I might be asked to research on something and it will absolutely be posted here to make the humanity worth saving.

With this post, I would also like to share something about work. IAMLOVINGIT! Yeah, it is the place where I can't be someone else's ate. Besides working for only 4 hours, it is sort of a reliever for me. Last week, I was thinking about quitting because I had a lot of student's feedback to do plus my homework and I was not able to adjust yet. This week started okay, I think I can live (again). Right now, I am supposedly in the classroom acting as a secretary but instead, I am in our room, blogging. After prelims promise, irresponsible will be slashed out. After this, I will be finishing my homework, it is about the movie The Social Network and get this, it will be passed via private message on Facebook. The teacher created a facebook account just for the class so we can interact and pass home works, easy breezy. I have to start now then. _kBye_