May 29, 2011

A Summary...

...of what happened to my week: ;) (and random stuff).

---> Officially enrolled for the first semester.
---> The parents had a huge fight and mom is planning/planned to move out.
---> Will possibly work my a** off because my mom decided to not support my schooling.:(
---> D agreed to help me out but won't depend too much on him.
---> This is also the reason why my blog was gray for weeks.
---> Had my retainers done and it's quite hard to adjust using it.
---> I also look funny with my retainers on.
---> Asked sir Jade if I could get a fixed rate pay but I got a "no" answer.
---> I need extra income and the only other option for a job that I can get is a home based online tutor which is slashed out of the option because I have a 3 years old kid at home.
---> I smoke a lot more than I used to.
---> Smoking is bad and it makes it worst if I am not into completing the 8 glasses of water per day health rule.
---> Classes starts next week and that su**s because of so many reasons.
---> I finally was able to update my mom blog after 3 months.
---> Is so not a rain-person when I got no peace of mind (thanks to mom).
---> Dreading for what's coming ahead.
...and with that, I leave you with this song which is one of my most played track this week.:)

(click on the album cover to listen to the song.)