May 29, 2011

Something About Change

~Posted by jill on Dec 21, '09 3:56 AM for everyone~

(fyi, this post was copied from my old blog);)

Nothing is constant in this world. The only constant in this world is change.
I couldn't agree more.

Change. Its so hard to accept it especially when u got used to that thing or situation and cant seem to accept the fact that its going to change. Change for a certain situation might be for the better but if it happened when U least expect it, we grope, we become frustrated, we find it hard to accept.

How do we prepare for this? Well we don't, we just have to accept it.
Easier said than done i know but that's how it works.

I myself don't like change.
I easily get attached to something. I don't like letting go of something that easily (who doesn't right?)
Circumstance like why is it that even if i know that its not gonna work, we still go with it?
That is when love takes its course.
Whatever it is, if it meant special, even if U already know that if its gonna be so wrong, U still allow it to happen? Emotions usually comes in first before thinking.

Emotions for me always comes in first.
U know that there is a consequence for that action but U tend to ignore it. Ur blinded by the emotions at that moment. U attache yourself to hard that when its time to end, ur not ready. U fight for it but the the fight is actually useless coz in the first place u already know its not meant to be.

But what about the things that's meant to be?
Meant to be but still, Ul never know when change comes in.
Change in the sense that at one blink, ul never bring back that moment.
That wld be either one of this, death, lies & cheat.
This three aint no good for anyone, hardest one to accept.

But then again, with change, that's how we learn & usually it makes us a bit stronger.
If were stuck with the same routine, there's no growth.
As painful as it may sound, we cant stop it.
We just have to accept, deal with it and move on.