May 30, 2011

Monday Mishaps #01

A blog post done 23 minutes before heading to the office btw.

Before I head to work, let me share you a bit about how my Monday started. If you often drop by my blog, you already know that me and Mondays are not that tight. Earlier today, I lit the wrong side of my cigarette and still smoked it kasi sayang, only to realize it tastes awful because the filter got burnt. Second mishap for the day, I tried to turn on the radio earlier using the remote which is supposedly done because the power button is busted, so anyway, it was not turning on. I changed the battery of the remote and it's still not working. I am getting impatient already so I asked D to fix it. he suggested to try unplugging-replugging the socket and I did, only to find out that I was plugging the wrong one, the lampshade's instead of for the radio. Tanga lang talaga, lol, but since this all happened on a Monday, there's nothing else to blame. I easily get disoriented on a Monday. If today ain't Monday, I'll accept it as it is but I hated Monday since birth so there, once again, Monday just came and started ruining my day. I am about to head to work and I grew tired of crossing my fingers for a better Monday so I just give it a shrug and move on.

I hate you Monday!