May 2, 2011

Monday Asusual

My gawd! Another week has gone by.Today I am starting my 3rd week from work. 3rd week and I still feel like a "the" the new girl. Well technically I still am but what I feel right now is like I'm still on my first day at work. I mean it's okay to be the new girl but this nerves of mine are killing me, it makes me want to barf out of nervousness. I just got a peek of my schedule earlier and I now have my very own student which I will be meeting for one whole week. The rest are LT's again but that's okay, at least I get to talk even if it's just for a short time. Today is payday too guys and I'm not that excited to see it because of the high deduction for the fidelity bond. We're supposed to get it 1pm today but decided to get it during my shift instead, nothing to be excited about anyway. And then here comes my insecurity level, it is at its peak people! I suddenly hate everything that I see when I look in the mirror. I am ugly and feel ugly. I hate my hair, I hate my boobs flat as a board, everything is just so ugly it un-boosts my happy spirit. Yah, I feel bad today, I really hope it's not infectious when I get to the office. So all in all, I feel nervous, ugly and unhappy today. Thanks to Monday, I get to show it to the world.

Thanks for my blog, got a slight detox.