May 12, 2011

L.D and T.E.

*Laundry Day & Tooth Extraction* Day

Today is one tiring day. I woke up around 8 to start the laundry then was able to finish it around 10:30. Yeah, made sure to finish it at that time because the people who works at the water district makes sure to turn off the water before the time hits 11am. Every time I do the laundry, my whole body aches, muscles twitching here and there and of course, when one is tired, irritable mood is at it's best. The reason why I feel like I had a complete work out for the day is when it's time to rinse the clothes, I do it mano-mano plus, don't forget that I have to finish it before a certain time 'kay. During this kind of day, I also make sure that the hangers and circulars are ready, entering the house getting stuff is a waste if time for me that is why I make sure that everything I need for washing is within hands reach. For our our white clothes, I make sure that it is soaked for 12 hours so what I do is soak all white colored clothes before I go to bed so that the next day, it all ready to spin for 30-45 minutes. I like doing the laundry if I do it my way. I want everything to be in the right order. About the mano-mano type of rinsing, I prefer this better than letting the washing machine do all the work. Plus, if I take a rest, I feel unhappy because my mind can't rest anyway if I know there are stuff that needs to be done. So anyway, now you know how I "do" the laundry. For the rest of my day, nothing special nor peculiar happened (nothing at home that is). O yah, I said goodbye to one of my tooth. Aside from my tooth extraction, I am absent right now from work. You can't work with sore gums, I mean I can't especially if they did an E-Section to remove the tooth. So yah, that's basically the summary of my day.

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th btw. Have fun okay.