Apr 19, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts #06

Sorry for the lack of content of my blog for almost a week, as mentioned on my previous post for RTT, my training started last week (Tuesday) and I am happy to say that I made it, had my contract signing yesterday. Yep I am now officially a Freelance-English Proficiency Consultant, well it is actually what the (we) employees are called in our company. Freelance because I applied for part time, perfect job for a student like me. I am planning to enroll this coming semester. I have to get a degree yah know, more chances for promotion.

I want to thank God because he answered my prayer. Me getting a job is such a blessing. Everyday is a blessing for me when I see my daughter.
Was able to download Jessie J's album today, FOR FREE!SAYAW lang
Finally, some of the songs I have been itching to download since last week, I was able to do it today and it is now playing on the background and also safely downloaded on my iPod.

Since I am all alone on this sunny Tuesday afternoon, decided to blog at the living room using free wireless, (well not really) my sister in-law pays a certain amount to the owner of the wireless connection every month, cable connection is a hassle, and I thank you sister in-law for allowing me to use it too, FOR FREE!Photobucket

I am not comfortable when my hair is getting longer, when it gets longer more than an inch from the tip of my earlobe, I want to have it cut asap. I don't want long hair especially now that it's summer.

The spirit of Holy Week gets into me especially when I get to have a quite time. Thank you God. I feel so blessed. Hope you also get to see and feel the essence of Holy Week. Stay safe lovely people.

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