Apr 13, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts #05

Hello lovely people! It is the time of the week again for randomness. Here's a few of the things that I wanna share:
  • This post is an hour late for RTT because I just got home from training. I applied for a part time job and the training started 2pm-11pm today. The training was supposed to start 8am but was moved because the only co-trainee I had backed out because she needs full time stint. It is hard being an only trainee. Besides smoking alone during break time, I don't have anything but my iPod to keep me company.
  • Hopefully, I can reach the part where I get signed up for the job because the location of the office is so convenient for me, and the pay is not that bad for a part time-er.
  • I can't post pictures from my daughter's birthday party yet because my sister has the camera and she's too busy to upload it.
  • My mom and dad ditched their apo's birthday party. My dad decided to go to his bestfriend's party and my mom preferred to do her paperworks. They can't seem to spare 2 hours of their time for my daughter. There's more reason behind these but I am too disappointed to blog about it.
  • My daughter is becoming a brat. She doesn't want to listen to me anymore.
  • My grammar sucks! You can sue me now for being redundant.
  • Noticed that I smoke more than I used to.
  • I'm not used to looking at my toenails without nail polish on it.
  • I wanna get a tattoo just because.
  • My older sister said I'm ugly because I don't use makeup. Yeah, she's my sister alright.lol! I think what she means is I look like a super ngarag mom.
  • Well I feel like a super ngarag "stressed" mom.
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  1. I hope you get the job Jill! :)

    Belated Happy Birthday to Pia! Hugs and Kisses from tita Ane.. :*

    It's sad that your parents weren't able to make the party, but what can you do right? At least you invited them. :)

    Chakai was never a brat. She is the epitome of a perfect child, a consistent honor student, a helpful daughter and sister and always listens to Mommy and Daddy. Lucas on the other hand is a little demon, he is demanding, bossy and is the very definition of the word brat. I am hoping it's just a phase, otherwise he'll be BFFs with Mr. Wall. :P

    I've heard of a typo police in the blogosphere but, I've never heard of the redundancy police.. :P

    I quit smoking a few years back. Why? Ang layo ng store namin noh! :P

    I love red nail polis on my toes.. :)

    I have always wanted to get a tatoo but I am too vain to hurt myself that way.. :P I am also afraid of the diseases I may get from the needle, like hepa and aids and HIV.. scary.. :P

    I cannot remember the last time I wore make up. I just wear a lipstick so I won't look pale and I am all set. :)

    Meron bang hands on mom na hindi stressed out or ngarag ang itsura? Wala noh.. :D

  2. Thanks for the drop 'te! I really am hoping that I get signed up for the job this Monday. :)

    I think also that it is just a phase for my daughter being a brat. She's a handful these days.

    Red nail polish? I just can't pull off that color for my nails. I often use dark colors like mahogany or burnt umber.

    Yung sister ko kse single mom xa kaso blooming lagi. Well since birth naman kasi ganun na xa. Hindi lang cguro talaga ako sanay mag make up pag regular days lang. ;)

    Happy weekend kei. luv yah!