Apr 6, 2011

Outsourcing, Getting Bigger and Weirder

I have been working at a call center for quite a long time. Good times, bad times, yep been there done that. So anyway, yesterday, I was so desperate to get me a summer job, it's less than 2 months before wet season and I need to shop for new clothes since my wardrobe looks so soggy and sad. Going back to the stint that I applied for yesterday, the ad said I get to be paid for 5k a week as a telemarketer. There is definitely a catch here and had a gut feeling that it's something that needs a lot of quotas. Also, it says on the ad that it's not a regular voice call instead we type or chat with the clients. Huwaw right? I mean it's a huwaw for me since I don't get to talk much and still get a high pay. So there, armed with my updated resume, I went for the interview. From there, I got a little info about the job, first is we don't get paid not unless we are able to sell their product and the second one is we get to enjoy the privilege of working the graveyard shift. So okei, somewhere at the back of my mind, that's expected. When I asked ma'am HR what product are we goin' to sell, she didn't give me a straight answer. So after the interview, had the online exam which I did with lots of sighs because the other HR was sort of a power tripper and after the online exam, the training started. Long introduction I know so let's go to the part where we got this reaction... Photobucket .....okei so we are goin' to sell an adult cam site, there. Whatever comes to your mind first, yes that's it. I won't go into details on how that one works okei. I was shocked because I've heard telemarketers selling For man only tablets but this one is different and didn't know it exists here in Baguio. If you're asking me if I pushed through with the job, nope but I'm having second thoughts because this is a new company based in Baguio which means first batch gets to be promoted fast and I am eye-ing for the HR position. Plus they have 3 other companies situated in different places so maybe it's not that bad when it comes to the company's financial matter. D knows about it and I got the same shocked reaction from him. You know that I am an open minded person. If you judge what this telemarketers do, maybe because the obvious picture is what you just see. Not being defensive like that but this is just how life works for us. We don't usually take time to scratch what's underneath to fully understand why there is such things. I for one is guilty for this but unlike others, I take the time to get to understand them.

To end this post, I think besides India, Phil. has the most call centers. Call center industry has been a big help to the country in providing jobs for Filipinos. As long as you have an accent, requirement for Diploma are seldom included on their process for hiring, and you are good in communicating, then you are hired for a job that has good pay, good enough to support a family of 3-4. Working at a call center is stressful but I think the("my") experience was worth it.


  1. I am a call center agent now. So far it works for me financially miss jill.

  2. Super shady naman yan Jill.. haha Sitel ka na lang or mag IHG ka, or better, apply ka sa Convergys.. :P Don't go for the "new" call centers unless you want the whole globallink situation to happen to you again.. :P

    Miss you lots, let's have coffee soon..

    BTW, did you change your blog? what happened to the old one? or is it the same at ngarag lang ako kaya feeling ko bago? Kasi I know I followed your other blog before eh, but I followed this one too.. :)

  3. i've heard of such companies and in fact, hubby worked for one such company for three months a year back. he liked the job (what man wouldn't), but he found it hard to sell membership so he quit.

    ane fallarme pointed me to your blog. i'm currently rounding up baguio bloggers for a potential meet up. there's not a lot of us but i thought it might be fun to meet in person the writers behind the blogs :)

  4. Hey ate Ane, welcome back! :) blogoshere ain't gonna be the same without yah.:) ...and yeah, I remember the Globallink days, haha, weird but still good times.

    This is the same blog, I only changed the URL, the old one was uber long kase.

    Coffee? I would love that♥. Hopefully with some fellow Baguio Bloggers.

  5. Hello K, thanks for dropping by. Would be fun to meet bloggers in Baguio, hope it won't be too soon.:)