Apr 21, 2011

My Thursday Thoughts

My Pia has fever since this afternoon. Last time I checked, her temperature was 38.2. I'm not sure what caused it. The only thing I can remember her doing was sleep walking at 2 am. I didn't even realize not until 6am that she was not beside me. I think her great granny paid her a visit because that was the first time my daughter did that and if my mom would find out about this, she's gonna agree with me. Yup, generations of pamahiin. Tatay said, maybe because she fell down from the sofa and sprained her ankle which caused the fever. Hope she gets better tomorrow though. She doesn't want sponge bath and refuses to take paracetamol which makes the getting better part a little longer. At the office naman, I was a bit sad because though I already signed my contract, I still had extended training. I am not sure if I am going to have a level test tomorrow, if not, I'ma spend another 4 hours counting minutes and draining the battery of my iPod because I can't do anything else but read articles at the yahoo page which I think consumed 2 hours of my time. The last 2 hours,I kept myself busy by counting seconds which made me more anxious. We're not allowed to surf the net at the office so besides smoking my heart out which was the least option I had in mind, I decided to count the minutes/seconds that passes by while listening to Jessie J. Though I am not 100% sure that I am ready to play the real game, I'd rather take the risk and get it over with rather than doing nothing. The positive side to that is, I get to experience what F-EPC really does and at the same time, I can get feedback for improvement from my boss.

So yah, my day was not that great but that's okay, tomorrow is a new day right? For now, I'm gonna give 100% TLC to my daughter.