Apr 10, 2011

Julian Turns 3!

A quick post lovely people.LOVE

Today, my daughter turned 3Photobucket, well technically more than an hour ago because she came out 10:29 pm, on the 10th day of April 2008. The party which was held at Jabee was so much fun especially for my Julian but because of the coldness of the weather plus the AC which was I think inappropriate to be turned On on a cold cold weather like this made my temple twitch so hard, it hurts more than a migraine. I'm a bit okei now though, thanks to Kopiko brown coffee which I consider now as my comfort-coffee-drink. Oh yeah (about the party?) I'ma blog about it tomorrow, hopefully with pictures if my sister has the time to upload it tonight. This week was pretty much the same except for the party and a little misunderstanding with my mom. Yep, I'll leave this post hanging for now.

Before hitting the sack, again for the millionth time, I love you babycakes and happy birthday.