Apr 29, 2011


Was not in the mood to blog. Grew tired of looking at my blog theme is mainly the reason why and nope, I have not been busy at work. This week has been a lazy week for me. I feel like I had been hibernating and I need more. My work basically didn't eat much of my time since it's just a part time job but man, every time I leave the office, I always feel like I've worked for 8 hours. It is tiring because I don't have students yet. If given a chance to have level tests to a possible client, I only get two 10 minute class, 20 minutes consumed all in all for my given 4 hours work. No I am not complaining, just merely stating that doing nothing is tiring. Yeah bored is a better word. I can't surf the net, book is allowed but I need 500 bucks to be able to rent Deathly Hallows before it hits the theaters in July this year, so yah, the world got to read that book and I didn't yet, fml. Sorry guys, the responsibility part of me is still trying to crawl it's way out but It'll get there someday. Hope I can get to post again tomorrow especially now that we have wireless connection at home. I might get tired of looking at my blog theme again but at least now, I can get to choose a spot anywhere near home where my blogging mojo can work at it's best.

Sloppy is my word for the day! Goodnight!