Apr 30, 2011

Adios to Abril 2011

Is ending another month this year. This so far has been one of my best month for 2011. Here are the reasons why:

  • Pia turned 3. Thank you for another year of happiness and fun babycakes.Photobucket
  • Got myself a job! Yey! Rock On
  • It has been a quite month for me, plain slacking if I'm not in the office.
  • Had one month of thinking about my strategy to get good grades for this coming semester.
Now for my plans next month:
  • None yet, just enjoy work and keep planning for a better future.
So I now bid goodbye to my April 2011.I had fun!


Apr 29, 2011


Was not in the mood to blog. Grew tired of looking at my blog theme is mainly the reason why and nope, I have not been busy at work. This week has been a lazy week for me. I feel like I had been hibernating and I need more. My work basically didn't eat much of my time since it's just a part time job but man, every time I leave the office, I always feel like I've worked for 8 hours. It is tiring because I don't have students yet. If given a chance to have level tests to a possible client, I only get two 10 minute class, 20 minutes consumed all in all for my given 4 hours work. No I am not complaining, just merely stating that doing nothing is tiring. Yeah bored is a better word. I can't surf the net, book is allowed but I need 500 bucks to be able to rent Deathly Hallows before it hits the theaters in July this year, so yah, the world got to read that book and I didn't yet, fml. Sorry guys, the responsibility part of me is still trying to crawl it's way out but It'll get there someday. Hope I can get to post again tomorrow especially now that we have wireless connection at home. I might get tired of looking at my blog theme again but at least now, I can get to choose a spot anywhere near home where my blogging mojo can work at it's best.

Sloppy is my word for the day! Goodnight!

Apr 21, 2011

My Thursday Thoughts

My Pia has fever since this afternoon. Last time I checked, her temperature was 38.2. I'm not sure what caused it. The only thing I can remember her doing was sleep walking at 2 am. I didn't even realize not until 6am that she was not beside me. I think her great granny paid her a visit because that was the first time my daughter did that and if my mom would find out about this, she's gonna agree with me. Yup, generations of pamahiin. Tatay said, maybe because she fell down from the sofa and sprained her ankle which caused the fever. Hope she gets better tomorrow though. She doesn't want sponge bath and refuses to take paracetamol which makes the getting better part a little longer. At the office naman, I was a bit sad because though I already signed my contract, I still had extended training. I am not sure if I am going to have a level test tomorrow, if not, I'ma spend another 4 hours counting minutes and draining the battery of my iPod because I can't do anything else but read articles at the yahoo page which I think consumed 2 hours of my time. The last 2 hours,I kept myself busy by counting seconds which made me more anxious. We're not allowed to surf the net at the office so besides smoking my heart out which was the least option I had in mind, I decided to count the minutes/seconds that passes by while listening to Jessie J. Though I am not 100% sure that I am ready to play the real game, I'd rather take the risk and get it over with rather than doing nothing. The positive side to that is, I get to experience what F-EPC really does and at the same time, I can get feedback for improvement from my boss.

So yah, my day was not that great but that's okay, tomorrow is a new day right? For now, I'm gonna give 100% TLC to my daughter.


Apr 19, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts #06

Sorry for the lack of content of my blog for almost a week, as mentioned on my previous post for RTT, my training started last week (Tuesday) and I am happy to say that I made it, had my contract signing yesterday. Yep I am now officially a Freelance-English Proficiency Consultant, well it is actually what the (we) employees are called in our company. Freelance because I applied for part time, perfect job for a student like me. I am planning to enroll this coming semester. I have to get a degree yah know, more chances for promotion.

I want to thank God because he answered my prayer. Me getting a job is such a blessing. Everyday is a blessing for me when I see my daughter.
Was able to download Jessie J's album today, FOR FREE!SAYAW lang
Finally, some of the songs I have been itching to download since last week, I was able to do it today and it is now playing on the background and also safely downloaded on my iPod.

Since I am all alone on this sunny Tuesday afternoon, decided to blog at the living room using free wireless, (well not really) my sister in-law pays a certain amount to the owner of the wireless connection every month, cable connection is a hassle, and I thank you sister in-law for allowing me to use it too, FOR FREE!Photobucket

I am not comfortable when my hair is getting longer, when it gets longer more than an inch from the tip of my earlobe, I want to have it cut asap. I don't want long hair especially now that it's summer.

The spirit of Holy Week gets into me especially when I get to have a quite time. Thank you God. I feel so blessed. Hope you also get to see and feel the essence of Holy Week. Stay safe lovely people.

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Apr 18, 2011

MM: Friday

For my entry for this week's MM, I got curious about this song because of this article:

Is YouTube Sensation Rebecca Black's "Friday" The Worst Song Ever?

Besides having the most dislikes in youtube (this was the main reason why it became a hit), they say the song is bad & lame wanna-be weekend anthem. Got curious so I watched the video. My verdict? The beat was catchy but for the lyrics, was totally meant for teens not more than 15 years old. Read the article above because the questions there would make you wanna say "yeah, this song is lame". Click play and you be the judge. Happy MM!

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Apr 13, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts #05

Hello lovely people! It is the time of the week again for randomness. Here's a few of the things that I wanna share:
  • This post is an hour late for RTT because I just got home from training. I applied for a part time job and the training started 2pm-11pm today. The training was supposed to start 8am but was moved because the only co-trainee I had backed out because she needs full time stint. It is hard being an only trainee. Besides smoking alone during break time, I don't have anything but my iPod to keep me company.
  • Hopefully, I can reach the part where I get signed up for the job because the location of the office is so convenient for me, and the pay is not that bad for a part time-er.
  • I can't post pictures from my daughter's birthday party yet because my sister has the camera and she's too busy to upload it.
  • My mom and dad ditched their apo's birthday party. My dad decided to go to his bestfriend's party and my mom preferred to do her paperworks. They can't seem to spare 2 hours of their time for my daughter. There's more reason behind these but I am too disappointed to blog about it.
  • My daughter is becoming a brat. She doesn't want to listen to me anymore.
  • My grammar sucks! You can sue me now for being redundant.
  • Noticed that I smoke more than I used to.
  • I'm not used to looking at my toenails without nail polish on it.
  • I wanna get a tattoo just because.
  • My older sister said I'm ugly because I don't use makeup. Yeah, she's my sister alright.lol! I think what she means is I look like a super ngarag mom.
  • Well I feel like a super ngarag "stressed" mom.
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Apr 10, 2011

Julian Turns 3!

A quick post lovely people.LOVE

Today, my daughter turned 3Photobucket, well technically more than an hour ago because she came out 10:29 pm, on the 10th day of April 2008. The party which was held at Jabee was so much fun especially for my Julian but because of the coldness of the weather plus the AC which was I think inappropriate to be turned On on a cold cold weather like this made my temple twitch so hard, it hurts more than a migraine. I'm a bit okei now though, thanks to Kopiko brown coffee which I consider now as my comfort-coffee-drink. Oh yeah (about the party?) I'ma blog about it tomorrow, hopefully with pictures if my sister has the time to upload it tonight. This week was pretty much the same except for the party and a little misunderstanding with my mom. Yep, I'll leave this post hanging for now.

Before hitting the sack, again for the millionth time, I love you babycakes and happy birthday.

Apr 6, 2011

Outsourcing, Getting Bigger and Weirder

I have been working at a call center for quite a long time. Good times, bad times, yep been there done that. So anyway, yesterday, I was so desperate to get me a summer job, it's less than 2 months before wet season and I need to shop for new clothes since my wardrobe looks so soggy and sad. Going back to the stint that I applied for yesterday, the ad said I get to be paid for 5k a week as a telemarketer. There is definitely a catch here and had a gut feeling that it's something that needs a lot of quotas. Also, it says on the ad that it's not a regular voice call instead we type or chat with the clients. Huwaw right? I mean it's a huwaw for me since I don't get to talk much and still get a high pay. So there, armed with my updated resume, I went for the interview. From there, I got a little info about the job, first is we don't get paid not unless we are able to sell their product and the second one is we get to enjoy the privilege of working the graveyard shift. So okei, somewhere at the back of my mind, that's expected. When I asked ma'am HR what product are we goin' to sell, she didn't give me a straight answer. So after the interview, had the online exam which I did with lots of sighs because the other HR was sort of a power tripper and after the online exam, the training started. Long introduction I know so let's go to the part where we got this reaction... Photobucket .....okei so we are goin' to sell an adult cam site, there. Whatever comes to your mind first, yes that's it. I won't go into details on how that one works okei. I was shocked because I've heard telemarketers selling For man only tablets but this one is different and didn't know it exists here in Baguio. If you're asking me if I pushed through with the job, nope but I'm having second thoughts because this is a new company based in Baguio which means first batch gets to be promoted fast and I am eye-ing for the HR position. Plus they have 3 other companies situated in different places so maybe it's not that bad when it comes to the company's financial matter. D knows about it and I got the same shocked reaction from him. You know that I am an open minded person. If you judge what this telemarketers do, maybe because the obvious picture is what you just see. Not being defensive like that but this is just how life works for us. We don't usually take time to scratch what's underneath to fully understand why there is such things. I for one is guilty for this but unlike others, I take the time to get to understand them.

To end this post, I think besides India, Phil. has the most call centers. Call center industry has been a big help to the country in providing jobs for Filipinos. As long as you have an accent, requirement for Diploma are seldom included on their process for hiring, and you are good in communicating, then you are hired for a job that has good pay, good enough to support a family of 3-4. Working at a call center is stressful but I think the("my") experience was worth it.

Apr 4, 2011

MM: One Life

For my entry this week, it's a feel good music from Ne yo.
When life gets you down, the song says "stop and take a moment to breathe".
...and yep, life may be serious at times but don't forget to also enjoy it, kei?
Here's my favorite part of the song:

If you never did before
And you never do again
Let's live the day like there's no tomorrow
So no matter who you are
Do yourself a favor
And live as if you know
love as if you know

Click on play and hope this song gets you to start the week inspired.
Have an awesome Music Monday lovely people!

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Apr 3, 2011

Sundays & Blog Hops

Photobucket Is ending the week lazily. Started my day with Transformers and cereals with my daughter. Pretty much a couch-potato the rest of the day. This week though, let me tell you, I got addicted with blog hops. I participated quite a lot this week and was so happy to gain followers, not just ordinary followers but fellow mom bloggers like me. I'm having troubles with the badges though because I can't seem to align them. I figured out on how to get them to have the same size. As much as I want to place more blog hop badges below, I can't arrange them to align horizontally. I tried rearranging the pictures but if I do that, the next picture moves somewhere else on the page. Google was not that helpful today and I am one frustrated camper here. Anyway, this is one teeny weeny problem that I have but all in all, my week was great. Besides gaining followers, I was able to tweak my header. And oh btw, we had Pia's skin checked yesterday. As expected, she has skin asthma just like her dad. The doctor said we have nothing to worry about.

Hope everyone had a great week as well! Have fun with the bloghops coz I sure am enjoying it.

Sunday Blog Hop Shibley Smiles

Apr 2, 2011

Ultimate Blog Party 2011!

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

A blog party? Get your dancing shoes on coz this is one party you surely ain't wanna miss! Yep, this year, I am participating and this is a first for me. It's a great opportunity for me to meet new bloggers. So, to keep the ball rolling. I want to give a small introduction about me.
I'm 24 years old mom with one lovely daughter named Pia. Me and D (Pia's dad), we are still together for 4 years now and still counting. Besides being a mom and a blogger, I am also a student at a university and I am taking up Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting and on my second year. I have 2 lovely sisters, supportive parents, cool in-laws and an adopted spitz named Wolf . I love my family & God...and I respect every being created by God except cockroach.

I can't wait to meet you all!

Apr 1, 2011


Photobucket One thing that I really hate doing is waiting. Especially when the one I'm waiting for is being decided by one person. I mean I am willing to wait in God's time like what my friend Emjhay keeps saying before when she was still staying here in Baguio. It's a different story when I am waiting for a person to decide, whether that is a yes or a no. When I say waiting, I'm talking about some situations like my grades for one, I hate it when my teachers did not post it at the supposed time or, when I wait for a person who's late especially when I am alone waiting. When we talk about patience, I have that in me but not when it comes to waiting.
...this is the situation that I am into today up until Monday. I have to wait for a call. I can wait you know since I am not in a hurry to get hired but the thing that bothers me the most is the "what if's". This bothers me a lot because I don't have a plan B. In the first place, if I want something real bad because of so many reasons, I work my a** off to get it. Today is the first day of the-waiting-part and I am already acting fidgety. Had 3 smokes this morning and I'm afraid I might finish half pack (for the first time) today. 3 more days is such a long time to wait. I have to keep myself busy and I have a few options and I'm not sure it will work. I don't have any choice do I? Anyway, I might prepare my plan B if the one that I'm waiting for won't work out for me.

Ahhh, blogging really helps in soothing stress and it's working it's wonders on me now. I feel better and relaxed unlike earlier, waking up tired from thinking. I'll probably blog again later. We're off to town to have Pia's skin checked because of her skin asthma, it's getting worst.