Mar 10, 2011

Sucky Connection

...i really, badly, desperately need a wireless connection. Just now, I was downloading songs and waited for 30 minutes just to download half of it when I accidentally moved the laptop and so the cable moved too and the connection got disconnected. Now I have to effin wait another hour to download just the first batch of songs and there are 3 more batch of folders. I wanna cry right now because I want to finish the download tonight. I need a lot of new songs before I start making my reviewer for our finals next week. If you know me, I need music to survive everyday! I need this to be done tonight. I also need a better connection (or one for solo connection) for my part time tutoring. We have 2mbps speed plan but it won't work fast because there are other 3 people using the connection with just one router. My first night of tutoring sucked so bad, I didn't get paid because the conversation between me and my student got disconnected for 4 times. I can't get wireless for now though coz wireless router is quite expensive. I have to earn for it. I don't think I'm gonna get one anytime soon, I'm thinking I have more important things to buy or maybe I can squeeze it up on my budget if I get a full time from my stint. I am currently checking on the time left for the download and I have 24 minutes remaining, If I get lucky, hopefully I can finish all downloads tonight. Here is a glimpse of how all the cables look like while I am using the net.
Such an eye sore I know.
The blue one is my ethernet cable, the rest, a headset and the power cable, behind the cabinet is where the router is. Now you can see why I am making such a big fuss about this. This is going to be the set up until I get a wireless connection. Before I posted this entry, my connection got disconnected again. Gave up with the download. I'll try again tomorrow because I am getting annoyed so much, I don't want it to reach the pissed mood. Okey, goodnight.



  1. Hey Jill, those are a lot of wires! :P

    Why don't you get your own globe or smart plan? it comes with a free router.. :) Plus you can pay for the router in monthly installments.. :) Or you can join, they have a contest going on right now and the price is the newest smartbro kit.. :)

    You should also join entrecard, you know that widget on my sidebar? click on it or just go to, it's great if you want to get more traffic as well as readers.. :)

    Happy Blogging Jill! :)

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  2. Hey ate ane, I had that idea in mind but D is the boss so I'm still waiting for his approval. I'ma try out the contest though.:),I'm checking it out now. Thanks for dropping by 'te.;)