Mar 30, 2011

Saddened by the Execution

A sad camper today. Just saw the news and felt so sad for the family of the 3 Filipinos who were executed today. The family wasn't able to go to China to console the said drug-traffickers. While watching, tatay said that the Government of China didn't consider the plea from our government because of the Hostage Taking at Quirino Grandstand incident. I say, it's not anybody's fault but the recruiters who used then for their own sake, and that is more money. Also, I don't think that our President didn't do anything about the situation like the families of the victims are saying. They might have expected too much. Laws here are different from China. There are a lot of opinions that I hear but the thing that pains me the most is the part where Sally Ordinario, one of the executed kababayan , won't be able to see and say goodbye to her kids and won't be able to see her daughter graduate as salutatorian.

All I can do right now is pray for the families to get through this. For the kids to stay strong...and to these convicted people Ramon Credo, Sally Ordinario, and Elizabeth Batain, who just wants better life but ended up differently, I pray for your souls.

Here are some of the follow up news: