Mar 14, 2011

RTT- =/


Japan, the 3rd largest economy in the world is in a devastating state due to the earthquake and tsunami. Death toll at a thousand and almost 10 thousand more are missing. For 2 days now, every time I get the chance to watch TV, my eyes are glued to CNN or any news channel. Besides the 2 major force of nature, they are facing another danger, the meltdown and possible explosion of their Nuclear Plant. A lot of people may have blogged about this and gave their reactions. We all feel the same thing. For me, I can't seem to find any words about how I feel. I am in shock and a scared because there is a big chance that it will also happen in the Philippines. If this is the start of the end of the world (not being OA because it is possible) I just want to be with my daughter when that day comes.

Though there are a lot of disasters happening out there, my life has to go through normal routine. It is finals week. Today was clearance day and thanks to God and my mom, I got a hold of my permit. The thing though is, I am not in the mood to review, I have 2 exams tomorrow, I did read through my notes but I dunno, my brain is not challenged. I am thinking of waking up around 2am to review today, I'm not sure, I might.

From where I'm at, the mood is calm but from outside, it is a different scenario, it's like a jungle. There are only 4 kids running around, jumping all over the sofas and shouting their heart out. Though Julian is outside, I don't want to go out and be the party pooper, thinking, they're just being kids.

After finals, the only thing I have planned out is quality time with my daughter and get all the chance I get for sleeping. I love sleeping so much more than eating.

This week, I can't wait to end.