Mar 29, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts #04

Haven't been doing much for almost 2 weeks now. Can't go for summer class because the darn university doesn't offer major subjects plus they have this summer rule that we can only enroll 4 subjects maximum. One American classmate of mine asked why is the university offering limited subjects every summer. I gave him possible reasons:
  • ...maybe because teacher are super stressed, they need a long break.
  • ...the University can't afford to pay the teachers for 12 complete months.
  • ...teachers get grumpy thinking they won't get summer vacation.
  • ...or maybe trip-trip lang. la lang
(...ooookei, so you won't get good answers from me during yosi break.)

I heard from one unreliable source that wet/rainy season will start early this year, I guess she's/he's right because yesterday, it started raining (in the afternoons).

My grades are in extremes, I can go as high as 95 and as low as 75. Meaning,kulang lang sa effort "needs more effort".

Working at home ain't a good idea as of now. My Julian is just 3 years old and when she asks for mommy, SHE WANTS HER MOMMY NOW! So even if I lock the room for a quite conversation with my student, my daughter would knock the door down just to see me. Home based tutoring would be one of my option when Julian gets older.

I am currently looking for a part time summer job. I need to buy me new eye glasses.

Made a lot of changes to my blog. If you have time, you can browse through. To the one who's reading this, please click on To My Readers tab because you are one lovely person. It just occurred to me just recently that I am not afraid to gain a few readers anymore.

I am happy when I get to post an entry.

I decided to remove LinkWithin because it is still linked with my old blog address. It is confusing to readers and I think the changing of my new blog address caused a conflict with EntreCard and BlogUpp. Not good.

And lastly, thanks to my new followers via the Blog Hop.
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