Mar 28, 2011

Before Ending My Monday...

...I just want you to know that I had fun following fellow mom bloggersPhotobucket. Besides sharing a few things about my day, I am happy when I get to update my blog. Today is my first time to create 4 entries in one day. I also got to experience blog hopping, they say it's a good thing to do to gain more readers that's why I'm checking it out. Another thing, I just realized that changing my blog address needs more work than I expected. I didn't know until it was already done that I have to update almost all my gadgets on the side bar like BlogUpp and EntreCard with the new address. I'm done doing that anyway so gujab to me Congrats, I am sure to take note of it for the next time I get bored with my blog address again.

Tomorrow is another day, gotta hit the sack because I have a lot of errands to do. Goodnight lovely people. Sleeping