Feb 22, 2011

RTT: Questions


A classmate of mine is pretty, rich, imported and has been a favorite of teachers since start of class. With her around, I can't seem to excel in speaking, recitation and C.s. because obviously, the lime light is on her and another obvious fact is the teachers are swooning over her. Now, she and the other girls wants us to have the same class this coming summer. Question: Better to lose a friend and excel or just be a shadow until I graduate?

Started my tutoring class tonight but sadly it's not gonna be paid for the hour because the call got disconnected 4 times. When I called my student back, he, being okay and cool, didn't seem to get annoyed. 2 of those disconnected call, I am sure it was on my end, the other 2 is 50/50 ,my connection's fault or his, the thing is, my student is not sure as well. Question: Is it justifiable for me to not get any student for the rest of the week because of a one night basis for the connection?

Most of my grades went up this midterms, no failing grade, just one line of 7. In less than 4 weeks comes our finals. Should I still be worried or should I still be worried?

D started a business last night but on a graveyard time. He gets his investment back but no extra for himself. After staying up late and wasting his time and gets nothing in return except not getting enough sleep, should I give him a kick in the ass or just let him be?

My Julian is sick, cough and colds plus fever and runny nose(her temperature last time I checked was 37.9). That's what she get when she goes running around the house butt-naked at 7 in the evening while her mom was busy finishing her demo for a job. And she gets to be a flower girl at a wedding in 3 days. (no question here).

How's Panagbenga going to be this year? Watyutink?


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