Jan 30, 2011

The "Sorry" Story

D gave me a genuine and great big hug today.
It was a well deserved hug because first of all, he ruined our supposedly anniversary celebration 3 days ago and he acted like one selfish spoiled brat today. I dunno why we always pick a fight a day before exactly the same day of a special celebration. That I noticed since we started dating. Like a week before every month/anniver-sary I always get a hunch that we are going to have a fight. Even though I had been cautious for a week to not irritate him even though he gets on my nerves, I just let it pass so that when our special day comes, it's gonna go well. Well, I was wrong, AGAIN. Did you ever get into that kind of situation? No? Well good for you, you are not as lucky as I am.

How did I deal with it you ask.

I cried coz I am one cry baby. Then I said sorry after that. That's just me, no matter who's fault it is, I say sorry after feeling better. That is why D got used to it, at least that's what I think. I mean, he says he's sorry too but often times I am the one who says the "sorry na" even though it's his fault. Ever since I can remember, this is my approach to people who hurt me and I feel like I am abusing the sorry word just like people abusing me of them waiting for me to be the first one to apologize. I just hate, hate, hate it when I am not in good terms with someone except if I don't see you often and if I know that you are not goin' to be a part of my life for a long time, I don't bother saying sorry if it's your fault. If I did hurt someone, expect me to be the first one to raise the white flag. At times I base my apologies for these three reasons:
  • You deserve one.
  • How grave one's fault is.
  • And the most important one is if that person became close to my heart.
So if we are a family/sisterly/bff-close, you'll know that sorry is my commonly used word even if you've been acting like a biatch. Give me 2 to 3 days to recover then we can talk.

...and with that, you have a Blessed Sunday.