Jan 4, 2011

RTT: Literally Random


It's Tuesday and that means it's time for me to be random again tonight. Thanks to ate Ane, it was on her blog where I first saw this meme. I am one random person and this meme right here is so perfect for me. Special thanks to Keeley a.k.a The UNMOM for this random idea.

Now let the RANDOMNESS start.

  • Cheers to 2011!
  • The weather in Baguio is too much. 9 degrees? Enough to freeze my feet on tiled floor, (that's why socks were invented, I know that silly.) I'm just saying, though it comes every year, this is the only time I get to feel it, tagos to the bones.
  • So the holidays are over, the only gift I received was a kiss from D and bags of chocolates from a foreign aide a.k.a. tita from the states. It's okay though, Pia had lots of 'em.
  • Ended 2010 in Lamut, Ifugao where my mom's sister lives. It is an 8 hour drive and the place is near Banaue, which unfortunately, we didn't get to see. Pictures of our trip will be posted soon.
  • Anticipating for Panagbenga (Flower Festival) but that would be 2 months from now. Midterms comes first. Speaking of which, I need to do good on this exam, I totally failed during the first grading exam, though I haven't seen the result yet, I knew it first hand. An incident happened during the exam that made my heart in rage and disrupted my review moment but since I am contented tonight, decided to not talk about it anymore.
  • If you noticed, it was our Christmas break but on my December post, I only have 4 entries. Well a lot of bad stuff happened before the year ended, good thing though, I was able to not bring it with me this year. Hopefully 2011 would be more nicer to me.
  • New layout for my blog, yahuuu! One reason why I was not in the mood to blog, grew tired of looking at the old layout.
  • I am addicted to Twitter. #Fact
  • Yesterday was my mom-in-law's birthday. Mama Saring is already 59 years young. So grateful to have one wonderful second mom.
  • NO new years resolution for me this year I dunno why. Will talk to myself later to get answers.
  • Was absent for 2 days, hindi maka get-over sa holidays, chos. But will be off to school tomorrow sad to say.
That's about it, more to come next week.

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  1. Hey Jill! :)

    This comment is super late, but I just wanted to let you know I appreciate the linky love.. :)

    I hope that you leave 2010's bad experiences and 2011 turns out to be an awesome one for you! :)

    I am addicted to twitter too! :P

    I never make any New Year's resolutions because I don't go through with it anyway.. :P