Jan 18, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts #02


Time to get random guys! Here goes (in bullets)

  • A week with no internet connection at home, yes, that's what it was. Up until now actually, I'm just connected using a password free wi-fi connection.
  • Nothing much happened this week anyway. Feel bad though because I wasn't able to post an entry for Music Monday.
  • I was absent yesterday btw. Due to excessive smoking, my brain lacked oxygen causing nausea and vomiting, and take note, this happened at the mall. Good thing my sister was there with me, nearly fainted but was able to manage in getting home without making a gross scene.
  • I hate school, oh wait, let me rephrase that, "I totally hate the younger generations slash students". Oo mayaman ka na, kilala na ng angkan mo lahat ng mayaman, oo na may backer ka sa lahat, ano gusto mo clap?! Wala sa topic kaya shut up na please. No need to explain more.
  • Uber cold the past few days, needs to brush the dirt off those boots of mine.
  • Hasn't gotten over my grades up until now. Was thinking of more effort but according to my sister, I should not be OA about it. I need to relax a bit.
  • No idea when the internet connection will be back, I don't mind though, I need time to miss it, a week and the only thing I missed was updating my blog.
  • Is thinking of shifting my course from AB Broadcasting to BS Psychology, even playing charades scared the shit out of me and during a debate earlier, I hid and sulked, almost gave me a heart attack.
  • Will be doing an interview tomorrow. Our subject are those sidewalk vendors. Wheng, one of my group mate suggested we interview a snatcher, like watdaeff! I am skurrd, was thinking, after the interview, my bag will be their target, not good.
  • ...and now my footsies smells like wet dog, tomorrow, off to the washing machine you go.
  • Wrote a side comment but decided not to include it anymore, don't want to ignite a fire. All I'm gonna say is "Hate to say it but I told you so".
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