Jan 22, 2011

Mondays and The Interview

(...well not the real interview for this post, not yet.)
Happy Saturday everyone! Hope everyone's having a great one.
Mine is quite much the same as usual. Was thinking to spend our weekend with Pia at mom's but decided not to at the last minute coz I have a lot of stuff to do for school. Right now, I'm just enjoying a cup of coffee with Rihanna's music playing on the background. Later, Im'a start with the homework. D will be out again with friends tonight so there's goin' to be a longer me time tonight.

Anyway, this week was not a great one though I'm thankful it's not one of the worst. I also noticed one thing, though Monday is my hated day since birth, I realized that it is a sucker to not start the week on a Monday. I was absent last Monday meaning I started my week on a Tuesday and with that, I felt incomplete, I mean my week kei. I was not in the mood to go to school, at all because of that.

The second thing that I wanna talk about was the interview that we did to a prostitute the other day. It was one of the major requirement from one of my subjects. I got excited upon finding out that we were going to interview one, it might be a once in a lifetime chance ya'know, after all, who get's to meet a prostitute face to face without you knowing she is one. The first plan was we were supposed to be interviewing a side walk vendor but since most of the other groups were doing the same thing, we opted to do something more unique and a little bit risky and that's when our leader Wheng suggested a prostitute instead. We did the interview around 11p.m. along Magsaysay road (if you are from Baguio, you are aware why we chose that place). We had a 50/50 chance of getting one who's willing to be interviewed. It was a rainy night too and was quite scary because it's near midnight and the place has a lot of drunk people and sort of war freak groups/gangs anywhere, we may never know. Good thing though, we got lucky that night because we were able to find one who was sort of willing to be interviewed though she was skeptical at first thinking we were from TV patrol (a news program). We payed her supposedly working time and the interview only took 10-15 minutes. D accompanied me by the way, he's a curious one too and he acted as our camera man. The interview went well. She is one jolly person. Her codename is Jeng. She answered most of our questions with pure honesty. We of course made sure to not ask questions that might offend her. I will be posting the video soon. I will be editing a few to protect Jeng's identity that's for sure. The video I wanna share though is a spoof of me and Wheng before the interview.

I know there's a lot more to improve on. My soon to be profession is still a work in progress. I still lol a lot when I watch this video. Finally, besides the About Me tab, I get to let you see a little more about me. I am by the way the one with the short hair on that video. I have troubles saying the tagalog numbers, it's sort of a tongue twister for me. The main video for the interview will probably be on my next post, not sure, hope I have the time to edit it this week.

So there, that's all. Great weekend you guys.