Jan 10, 2011

A Letter To Nescafe

Dear coffee,

You know that I love you so much, a little bit more than D. You are my comfort drink, my drug and addiction, the one that helps me aide my H.O. often times (well besides Yakult), and for some reason, you're also my sleeping drink. We had been through rough times together, at the same time, through happy times with friends and sisters, you were there too. You always help me jump start my day, with the best friend of yours, the subang. But then lately, I wondered why I always get so nervous and jumpy? After gossiping with you and subang before I go to school, my heart starts to palpitate, and then lately, even before having my last cup of the day before bedtime, my heart does the same thing (with beaded sweats this time). I know, I get weird-ed out too. I get so nervous for some reason, and I am starting to hate it. And then it hit me, about mom saying to me when I was a kid that coffee is bad for children because it makes kids hardheaded and makes a person nervous. So that was your side effect (hardheaded aside). So okay, what now you say? Was thinking, to maybe lessen my 5 cups a day to just 3 cups. Or shift to Milo, nooot! I'ma have to do something about it though, I hate getting nervous for no apparent reason. That's the only downside of being addicted to you anyway, for now, we're still good don't worry. I still heart you kei?

It's Me,
Jill Gee