Jan 5, 2011

Disappointed But Contented

Hello Wednesday! What's up with y'all people! Me? Not so good but that's alright because I am now mastering the art of "wutever". I am still on the beginners list so still on the learning process. What am I talking about, I'm not sure. I am pissed that is. If you guys follow me on Twitter,you'll notice that I keep mentioning the word disappointed. It's because that is what I feel today. To not prolong the agony, here's the story.

Let's start with the first one. The job. Yep, I'm supposed to be employed already but sadly I'm not. I keep waiting for a call from the person who referred me to their company but up until now, no call (yet). Disappointed because it is my final demo and it a make or break it kinda stage. I am sort of prepared, y'know, it's all about conversation and knowing me, I am good at it but not face to face, yeah, call center style. This stint that I'm talking about though is home based. Should not be talking about this yet 'cause I have this thing where every time I talk about a plan, it doesn't push through. So maybe, I don't like the job anymore that is, or maybe not, I'm not sure. I'm supposed to be the anything-goes-kind of person but what's happening now is just so disappointing.

The second thing, the main thing that ruined my day was about a phone. I'm supposed to be using my sister's phone now. This is how it all started. During our stay at my mom's place, Pia accidentally stepped on my sister's phone and it totally damaged the screen, it's a TS type of phone. That incident happened weeks ago and during that time, when I was doing the demo for the job, I thought about buying myself a new phone. When my dad found out that the repair for the phone was so costly, mom decided to buy my sister a new phone instead. That's when I decided to buy my sister's phone and have it repaired instead of just letting it sit at the cabinet (repair btw is paid by me). My sister hesitated for a day because that phone was a gift for her from mom's after she graduated from college so it has sentimental value. She agreed eventually but asked me to take care of it though it has scratches already. I happily agreed, she didn't technically sell the phone to me since I only will be paying for the repair, that's it. So anyway, since I am jobless, decided to sell my iPod and the perfect buyer that came up is D. Why kamo? If D is the one who buys the iPod, I can still borrow it anytime and as mentioned on my previous blog, my iPod which I named Bruno is my constant companion at school. D agreed to buy it and promised to have it repaired today. And since promises are meant to be broken, yep, he didn't. I was expecting to use the phone tonight.Too bad I can't...

And that's what my story is about today. Silly me for planning first hand. I also mentioned on one of my tweet about "less expectation, no disappointments". True right? Celebrate when it's already there Jill (in which I keep forgetting because I get carried away easily). Another saying that suites my mood today which will probably make me feel a little bit better is "Cross the bridge when you get there." You can't blame me though, the reason why I expected in the first place was because they promised but missed.

So anyway, before posting this entry, I had dinner first. On the menu was inihaw na pusit and ensaladang mangga, 2 of my favorite dish and hallelujah! I feel better now. I also bought myself a pair of thrifted doll shoes today. I promise, when I get the phone fixed, more pictures (talk about 5 mega pixel baby!). So even though I am frustrated, at least there were stuff that made me smile today. Plus, I have Pia here beside me though I feel bad that she was my shock absorber instead of D. I hate D for that but just for tonight.

Though I was disappointed today, I am still happy because I am ending the day contented, counted my blessings and it helped a lot.