Jan 9, 2011

...and There Goes Another Weekend

The weekend is almost done. Another week will start in just a few hours. Is not expecting much for the coming weeks. Yep, is practicing the art of not-expecting-too-much and besides, I still am stuck for 3 months with the same people at school so most probably will be complaining about the same stuff every time I get home from school . Good thing my D is a good listener, he reacts when necessary, doesn't complain much when I talk about the same thing over and over again.

Over the weekend, I was able to divide my time for my family. We (me and Pia) stayed overnight at mom's. I like sleepovers, it's a time for me and my sisters to do some catching up after weeks of not seeing each other. I get to update my mom as well regarding school stuff. Low but passing grades is out of the question. When it comes to that, I only open it up if I have something to be proud of not unless it's the final grade, whether I passed or not, my mom needs to know. For now, I keep it to myself after all, I still have 2 chances of fixing it.

Today, spent most of the afternoon with some of my group mates. See, were having a group presentation regarding cultures of the Cordillerans and we used Sunday as practice day. We also needed costumes and such, good thing my mom is a teacher, she has ready made Bontoc costume, minus the problem of renting. It was fun, I was able to mingle with some classmates (at school we are like total strangers even inside the classroom) that's why this mingling thing is good for the getting to know part.

Tonight, I will be ending my day early. Wasn't able to catch some sleep last night since Pia kept waking up in the middle of the night looking for her daddy.
Was able to finish most of my homework and happily got a bag from my sister, I actually traded it for the thrifted doll shoes I bought these week when I found out it was way to small for me. I know, benefits of having 2 sisters.

Done watching Unstoppable with D. They (Pia and D) are both asleep now. Pia-tired of running at the shop, while D got tired of running after Pia.

Let's pray for a good week, if not, Pray for longer patience. Happy thoughts guys!