Jan 30, 2011

The "Sorry" Story

D gave me a genuine and great big hug today.
It was a well deserved hug because first of all, he ruined our supposedly anniversary celebration 3 days ago and he acted like one selfish spoiled brat today. I dunno why we always pick a fight a day before exactly the same day of a special celebration. That I noticed since we started dating. Like a week before every month/anniver-sary I always get a hunch that we are going to have a fight. Even though I had been cautious for a week to not irritate him even though he gets on my nerves, I just let it pass so that when our special day comes, it's gonna go well. Well, I was wrong, AGAIN. Did you ever get into that kind of situation? No? Well good for you, you are not as lucky as I am.

How did I deal with it you ask.

I cried coz I am one cry baby. Then I said sorry after that. That's just me, no matter who's fault it is, I say sorry after feeling better. That is why D got used to it, at least that's what I think. I mean, he says he's sorry too but often times I am the one who says the "sorry na" even though it's his fault. Ever since I can remember, this is my approach to people who hurt me and I feel like I am abusing the sorry word just like people abusing me of them waiting for me to be the first one to apologize. I just hate, hate, hate it when I am not in good terms with someone except if I don't see you often and if I know that you are not goin' to be a part of my life for a long time, I don't bother saying sorry if it's your fault. If I did hurt someone, expect me to be the first one to raise the white flag. At times I base my apologies for these three reasons:
  • You deserve one.
  • How grave one's fault is.
  • And the most important one is if that person became close to my heart.
So if we are a family/sisterly/bff-close, you'll know that sorry is my commonly used word even if you've been acting like a biatch. Give me 2 to 3 days to recover then we can talk.

...and with that, you have a Blessed Sunday.


Jan 24, 2011

Music Monday: Broken-Hearted Girl

I chose this song because the first time I heard it, I can totally relate, I guess most girls/woman do especially the one's who are in a serious relationship right now.

I mean I love D so much. I know I am blessed to have him be the father of my child. His generous in all ways, shows his love at times by words but mostly through his actions.

And as you've read before written by people in love, not all relationships are perfect, there are a few bumps yaddah yaddah yaddah. I am not gonna go into deep details showcasing to people how much we love each other, all I know is we still click.

So let's all just enjoy the music shall we?
Let the song do the explaining for me.

Though it's a week early, Happy Fourth Year Aniversary hunnybaby!

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Jan 22, 2011

Mondays and The Interview

(...well not the real interview for this post, not yet.)
Happy Saturday everyone! Hope everyone's having a great one.
Mine is quite much the same as usual. Was thinking to spend our weekend with Pia at mom's but decided not to at the last minute coz I have a lot of stuff to do for school. Right now, I'm just enjoying a cup of coffee with Rihanna's music playing on the background. Later, Im'a start with the homework. D will be out again with friends tonight so there's goin' to be a longer me time tonight.

Anyway, this week was not a great one though I'm thankful it's not one of the worst. I also noticed one thing, though Monday is my hated day since birth, I realized that it is a sucker to not start the week on a Monday. I was absent last Monday meaning I started my week on a Tuesday and with that, I felt incomplete, I mean my week kei. I was not in the mood to go to school, at all because of that.

The second thing that I wanna talk about was the interview that we did to a prostitute the other day. It was one of the major requirement from one of my subjects. I got excited upon finding out that we were going to interview one, it might be a once in a lifetime chance ya'know, after all, who get's to meet a prostitute face to face without you knowing she is one. The first plan was we were supposed to be interviewing a side walk vendor but since most of the other groups were doing the same thing, we opted to do something more unique and a little bit risky and that's when our leader Wheng suggested a prostitute instead. We did the interview around 11p.m. along Magsaysay road (if you are from Baguio, you are aware why we chose that place). We had a 50/50 chance of getting one who's willing to be interviewed. It was a rainy night too and was quite scary because it's near midnight and the place has a lot of drunk people and sort of war freak groups/gangs anywhere, we may never know. Good thing though, we got lucky that night because we were able to find one who was sort of willing to be interviewed though she was skeptical at first thinking we were from TV patrol (a news program). We payed her supposedly working time and the interview only took 10-15 minutes. D accompanied me by the way, he's a curious one too and he acted as our camera man. The interview went well. She is one jolly person. Her codename is Jeng. She answered most of our questions with pure honesty. We of course made sure to not ask questions that might offend her. I will be posting the video soon. I will be editing a few to protect Jeng's identity that's for sure. The video I wanna share though is a spoof of me and Wheng before the interview.

I know there's a lot more to improve on. My soon to be profession is still a work in progress. I still lol a lot when I watch this video. Finally, besides the About Me tab, I get to let you see a little more about me. I am by the way the one with the short hair on that video. I have troubles saying the tagalog numbers, it's sort of a tongue twister for me. The main video for the interview will probably be on my next post, not sure, hope I have the time to edit it this week.

So there, that's all. Great weekend you guys.


Jan 18, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts #02


Time to get random guys! Here goes (in bullets)

  • A week with no internet connection at home, yes, that's what it was. Up until now actually, I'm just connected using a password free wi-fi connection.
  • Nothing much happened this week anyway. Feel bad though because I wasn't able to post an entry for Music Monday.
  • I was absent yesterday btw. Due to excessive smoking, my brain lacked oxygen causing nausea and vomiting, and take note, this happened at the mall. Good thing my sister was there with me, nearly fainted but was able to manage in getting home without making a gross scene.
  • I hate school, oh wait, let me rephrase that, "I totally hate the younger generations slash students". Oo mayaman ka na, kilala na ng angkan mo lahat ng mayaman, oo na may backer ka sa lahat, ano gusto mo clap?! Wala sa topic kaya shut up na please. No need to explain more.
  • Uber cold the past few days, needs to brush the dirt off those boots of mine.
  • Hasn't gotten over my grades up until now. Was thinking of more effort but according to my sister, I should not be OA about it. I need to relax a bit.
  • No idea when the internet connection will be back, I don't mind though, I need time to miss it, a week and the only thing I missed was updating my blog.
  • Is thinking of shifting my course from AB Broadcasting to BS Psychology, even playing charades scared the shit out of me and during a debate earlier, I hid and sulked, almost gave me a heart attack.
  • Will be doing an interview tomorrow. Our subject are those sidewalk vendors. Wheng, one of my group mate suggested we interview a snatcher, like watdaeff! I am skurrd, was thinking, after the interview, my bag will be their target, not good.
  • ...and now my footsies smells like wet dog, tomorrow, off to the washing machine you go.
  • Wrote a side comment but decided not to include it anymore, don't want to ignite a fire. All I'm gonna say is "Hate to say it but I told you so".
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Jan 10, 2011

Music Monday: What's My Name

Hello Monday! I handled you well today, a clap for me and applaud for the people who made it that easy for me. Or maybe because I was wearing my lucky bracelet which I have been using for more than 4 years now, it was misplaced though, my daughter found it from one of our old bracelet container. Bless you baby! Hopefully the power of "the" bracelet still works.LOL

So today, I'ma start a new meme.

Besides Manic Monday, Monday is also for Music and another congratulations to me for finally, finally, finally making this post. I promised ate Ane weeks ago that I'ma join this meme, but because I am good at excuses, I won't waste your time with it. It is from ate Ane's site where I got the Music Monday meme. I am a music junkie and this one is just so right for me. And since I hate Mondays, instead of whining about how my Monday sucked, decided to just compile songs on my blog through this meme.

Enough with the explaining and talking already!

Kei guys, my first Ever entry for Music Monday is a song by Rihanna ft Drake: What's My Name
It's one of my most played track and currently my favorite song.
Okie. Aja to Music and Monday!

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A Letter To Nescafe

Dear coffee,

You know that I love you so much, a little bit more than D. You are my comfort drink, my drug and addiction, the one that helps me aide my H.O. often times (well besides Yakult), and for some reason, you're also my sleeping drink. We had been through rough times together, at the same time, through happy times with friends and sisters, you were there too. You always help me jump start my day, with the best friend of yours, the subang. But then lately, I wondered why I always get so nervous and jumpy? After gossiping with you and subang before I go to school, my heart starts to palpitate, and then lately, even before having my last cup of the day before bedtime, my heart does the same thing (with beaded sweats this time). I know, I get weird-ed out too. I get so nervous for some reason, and I am starting to hate it. And then it hit me, about mom saying to me when I was a kid that coffee is bad for children because it makes kids hardheaded and makes a person nervous. So that was your side effect (hardheaded aside). So okay, what now you say? Was thinking, to maybe lessen my 5 cups a day to just 3 cups. Or shift to Milo, nooot! I'ma have to do something about it though, I hate getting nervous for no apparent reason. That's the only downside of being addicted to you anyway, for now, we're still good don't worry. I still heart you kei?

It's Me,
Jill Gee


Jan 9, 2011

...and There Goes Another Weekend

The weekend is almost done. Another week will start in just a few hours. Is not expecting much for the coming weeks. Yep, is practicing the art of not-expecting-too-much and besides, I still am stuck for 3 months with the same people at school so most probably will be complaining about the same stuff every time I get home from school . Good thing my D is a good listener, he reacts when necessary, doesn't complain much when I talk about the same thing over and over again.

Over the weekend, I was able to divide my time for my family. We (me and Pia) stayed overnight at mom's. I like sleepovers, it's a time for me and my sisters to do some catching up after weeks of not seeing each other. I get to update my mom as well regarding school stuff. Low but passing grades is out of the question. When it comes to that, I only open it up if I have something to be proud of not unless it's the final grade, whether I passed or not, my mom needs to know. For now, I keep it to myself after all, I still have 2 chances of fixing it.

Today, spent most of the afternoon with some of my group mates. See, were having a group presentation regarding cultures of the Cordillerans and we used Sunday as practice day. We also needed costumes and such, good thing my mom is a teacher, she has ready made Bontoc costume, minus the problem of renting. It was fun, I was able to mingle with some classmates (at school we are like total strangers even inside the classroom) that's why this mingling thing is good for the getting to know part.

Tonight, I will be ending my day early. Wasn't able to catch some sleep last night since Pia kept waking up in the middle of the night looking for her daddy.
Was able to finish most of my homework and happily got a bag from my sister, I actually traded it for the thrifted doll shoes I bought these week when I found out it was way to small for me. I know, benefits of having 2 sisters.

Done watching Unstoppable with D. They (Pia and D) are both asleep now. Pia-tired of running at the shop, while D got tired of running after Pia.

Let's pray for a good week, if not, Pray for longer patience. Happy thoughts guys!


Jan 7, 2011

Welcome Weekend

A quick post!

Today ended just fine, I'm still trying to overcome about some stuff (the bad news-my grades?) but so far, I am feeling good (it's not that weird). A big factor for this feeling is my family. They are very supportive especially D. He knows everything that happened to me this week. Amazingly, he didn't give me a hard time. He goes to the gym and comes home early, unlike before where he stays at the gym 'til 11p.m. He understands how important it is for me to overcome the problems, if not, all hell breaks loose.

Tonight, I was able to finish 1 homework, 5 more to go. After finishing this post, me, D and Pia will be movie marathon-ing. Was supposed to have beer with D at the terrace and let Pia watch her heart out with Spongebob but because it's too cold, D doesn't want to go out anymore. He suggested we have wine instead, a leftover from our New Year celebration. Well then wine it is
. Happy to say that I am ending this week with a smile despite all the stuff that happened.

That's it for today! I'll let you enjoy your Friday night too. Hello weekend!


Jan 6, 2011

Sooo Not My Week

This week is so cruel to me. My yesterday's post was all about disappointments. Today, I got hell'a lot of bad news. Bad news that almost made me cry. Plus my class card on one of my subjects almost went to visit OSA. Talk about bringing it on today, someone out there was in the mood to test my patience. So anyway got a good look at my grades on 2 of my subjects and it is crap I tell you. I didn't realize until today that it is that hard to get a grade which I can be proud of. My grade is passing guys but it is not a bit worth the effort that I've put myself through. The sleepless nights reviewing before exams, the research I've done for every homework, the effort on making it on time for school etc. I admit that when it comes to recitation, I am a starter, after all, it has been awhile since the last time I interacted with someone while a lot of people are listening and staring in front of you, awkweeerd! A room full of people is the last thing I wanna be in right now, but since I chose this path, I have to give it my best shot especially now after finding out what my grade was for the first grading. Haven't seen the rest of my grade yet since the the school's crappy site is not allowing me to check it online.

Started making plans on how to make my grade proud-able, it is all in my head now but I'm scared
that if I lay it out to the world, I might disappoint myself. See, I have this thing about being wrong, I hate being wrong so I usually let others decide for me and often times, I seek approval from others before doing it. Being impulsive is not in my vocab, well not when it involves facing a lot of people. I hate crowds. Crowds make me feel awkward and a room full of students scares the shit out'a me. I know, I have to overcome this, I know I can be better, I just need a nudge or a punch of reality to knock me off my comfort zone. I can think of something and if that day comes, I'm gonna let you know all about it.

Well, till here. Happy thoughts! Tomorrow's Friday and the next day is family day.
Tonight Im'a figure out on how to pass 2 quizzes tomorrow without any handouts.


Jan 5, 2011

Disappointed But Contented

Hello Wednesday! What's up with y'all people! Me? Not so good but that's alright because I am now mastering the art of "wutever". I am still on the beginners list so still on the learning process. What am I talking about, I'm not sure. I am pissed that is. If you guys follow me on Twitter,you'll notice that I keep mentioning the word disappointed. It's because that is what I feel today. To not prolong the agony, here's the story.

Let's start with the first one. The job. Yep, I'm supposed to be employed already but sadly I'm not. I keep waiting for a call from the person who referred me to their company but up until now, no call (yet). Disappointed because it is my final demo and it a make or break it kinda stage. I am sort of prepared, y'know, it's all about conversation and knowing me, I am good at it but not face to face, yeah, call center style. This stint that I'm talking about though is home based. Should not be talking about this yet 'cause I have this thing where every time I talk about a plan, it doesn't push through. So maybe, I don't like the job anymore that is, or maybe not, I'm not sure. I'm supposed to be the anything-goes-kind of person but what's happening now is just so disappointing.

The second thing, the main thing that ruined my day was about a phone. I'm supposed to be using my sister's phone now. This is how it all started. During our stay at my mom's place, Pia accidentally stepped on my sister's phone and it totally damaged the screen, it's a TS type of phone. That incident happened weeks ago and during that time, when I was doing the demo for the job, I thought about buying myself a new phone. When my dad found out that the repair for the phone was so costly, mom decided to buy my sister a new phone instead. That's when I decided to buy my sister's phone and have it repaired instead of just letting it sit at the cabinet (repair btw is paid by me). My sister hesitated for a day because that phone was a gift for her from mom's after she graduated from college so it has sentimental value. She agreed eventually but asked me to take care of it though it has scratches already. I happily agreed, she didn't technically sell the phone to me since I only will be paying for the repair, that's it. So anyway, since I am jobless, decided to sell my iPod and the perfect buyer that came up is D. Why kamo? If D is the one who buys the iPod, I can still borrow it anytime and as mentioned on my previous blog, my iPod which I named Bruno is my constant companion at school. D agreed to buy it and promised to have it repaired today. And since promises are meant to be broken, yep, he didn't. I was expecting to use the phone tonight.Too bad I can't...

And that's what my story is about today. Silly me for planning first hand. I also mentioned on one of my tweet about "less expectation, no disappointments". True right? Celebrate when it's already there Jill (in which I keep forgetting because I get carried away easily). Another saying that suites my mood today which will probably make me feel a little bit better is "Cross the bridge when you get there." You can't blame me though, the reason why I expected in the first place was because they promised but missed.

So anyway, before posting this entry, I had dinner first. On the menu was inihaw na pusit and ensaladang mangga, 2 of my favorite dish and hallelujah! I feel better now. I also bought myself a pair of thrifted doll shoes today. I promise, when I get the phone fixed, more pictures (talk about 5 mega pixel baby!). So even though I am frustrated, at least there were stuff that made me smile today. Plus, I have Pia here beside me though I feel bad that she was my shock absorber instead of D. I hate D for that but just for tonight.

Though I was disappointed today, I am still happy because I am ending the day contented, counted my blessings and it helped a lot.


Jan 4, 2011

RTT: Literally Random


It's Tuesday and that means it's time for me to be random again tonight. Thanks to ate Ane, it was on her blog where I first saw this meme. I am one random person and this meme right here is so perfect for me. Special thanks to Keeley a.k.a The UNMOM for this random idea.

Now let the RANDOMNESS start.

  • Cheers to 2011!
  • The weather in Baguio is too much. 9 degrees? Enough to freeze my feet on tiled floor, (that's why socks were invented, I know that silly.) I'm just saying, though it comes every year, this is the only time I get to feel it, tagos to the bones.
  • So the holidays are over, the only gift I received was a kiss from D and bags of chocolates from a foreign aide a.k.a. tita from the states. It's okay though, Pia had lots of 'em.
  • Ended 2010 in Lamut, Ifugao where my mom's sister lives. It is an 8 hour drive and the place is near Banaue, which unfortunately, we didn't get to see. Pictures of our trip will be posted soon.
  • Anticipating for Panagbenga (Flower Festival) but that would be 2 months from now. Midterms comes first. Speaking of which, I need to do good on this exam, I totally failed during the first grading exam, though I haven't seen the result yet, I knew it first hand. An incident happened during the exam that made my heart in rage and disrupted my review moment but since I am contented tonight, decided to not talk about it anymore.
  • If you noticed, it was our Christmas break but on my December post, I only have 4 entries. Well a lot of bad stuff happened before the year ended, good thing though, I was able to not bring it with me this year. Hopefully 2011 would be more nicer to me.
  • New layout for my blog, yahuuu! One reason why I was not in the mood to blog, grew tired of looking at the old layout.
  • I am addicted to Twitter. #Fact
  • Yesterday was my mom-in-law's birthday. Mama Saring is already 59 years young. So grateful to have one wonderful second mom.
  • NO new years resolution for me this year I dunno why. Will talk to myself later to get answers.
  • Was absent for 2 days, hindi maka get-over sa holidays, chos. But will be off to school tomorrow sad to say.
That's about it, more to come next week.

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