Dec 19, 2010

Thank God For Friends

What happened tonight was one THE most thing I missed doing so much. As weird as it may seem, that thing that I'm talking about is what some people do everyday but in my case, I only got to do for 3 times this year. I'm talking about meeting up with friends, my fwincesses and lulas. I so love it when we get together unplanned, meet up at a coffee shop, and spend hours and hours just gossiping about stuff and going down memory lane, laughing hard about stuff that made us get through years of working at an uber crappy company.

First of, let me share about how we came up with the term fwincesses and lulas. Firstly, it is not a group we intentionally created at work, we even aren't a group, "bff's" like what others may term it. We were just unintentional yosi buddies who unintentionally hate the same people, laughs at the same time at an unintentional circumstance and unintentionally became the so-called kontrabida of our team. Noticed how many times I used the unintentional word? It is because this is what I so love about my friends, unintentional stuff made us this tight. MJ and Juno which I call my 2 fwincesses just because and Lonni and Twace as my 2 lulas (lula-the same as Lola. The same term I guess when we call our girl friends as mare or girl (if your not a Filipino, learn the modern Filipino culture, or not).

So anyway, after almost a year, this was our first time to meet up. W
e get in touch via SMS or Facebook but we never get to have a real conversation until tonight. Juno and MJ works in Manila while Lonni and Twace is in Baguio but since life is that busy, we never get to meet up. Tonight was the only chance we get to hang out because my 2 fwincesses is in Baguio obvs and my Christmas break started 2 days ago. We talked a lot and God knows how much I missed these guys. I felt lighter inside because besides some of my dear friends in Baguio, I consider them as one of my ever so closest friends. Though we get to meet up only few times a year, I still am happy because I know in my heart that they are my friends whom I can rely on and just be myself, no pretensions. I only choose a few, the people/person I know I can confide, trust and rely on. I don't need many friends.

Tonight, I am back to just being a friend, the common-law wife, the mom, the sister. They helped me a lot just by being there, a super stress free time for me. The problem that I am in right now became pea size. Before tonight, I almost forgot how it felt like to be THE worry-free person. I almost fell into a trap where I felt so worthless.

Thank God for friends!