Dec 8, 2010

Or So SHE Thought

A person who never will be happy. That is what she felt for weeks and weeks, it is so tiring she said.
A talk, a hug, a tea, a smoke, happy faces seen in one room, these has been her confinement.
On her confinement is where she stays everyday, during those stressful days.
Weeks passed, confinement got tired of her and soon, they left, leaving her with a poker face.

A day or 2, she decided to change the atmosphere, preferred to live the life.
It was okay, she said. For a change, she liked that stress free place.
No more tiring dramas, no awkward silences, no nothing except the feeling of lightness.
It was fun until it ended.

Trying to avoid it so much, it still kept on nagging her.
Why? she asked. Am I not doing my part? Is compromising not enough?
No answer, just stared in darkness. Poker face is what all she has again.
And that got her thinking, am I gonna be a person, who has no right to be happy again? Or so she thought...