Nov 11, 2010

Words I Live By

"Sometimes, not knowing anything is better than knowing something unimportant that will only mess up your day."

This are the words I live by today, well maybe until I graduate.

This has been my issue for quite some time now. I am in a great mood, then when I get online, I get disappointed because of what I see. Most of my friends are my classmates before so I am updated with what's going on with their own respective lives, though they are my friends, I tend to not open their profile because they remind me of what my life should be, I am talking about school, like most of them, I should have had graduated already but since I am studying now, I will eventually get there, anyway going back to the quote, it's better to not know what others are up to or how their life has been, but that's just for now, because this is another form of distraction for me, at times I let it affect me so much that I loose track of my main goal. There are other forms of distraction for me but mostly, I stay most of the time online and I only get updates from people I know when I'm online, so lately, I am not into fb-ing. I only log in when I update my status.

Summary: Yep, we know your life is that perfect, if you can, please don't rub it in that much. Thanks!

For students, this makes one great quote right?
So anyway, till here.