Nov 24, 2010

Tweeting @ School

A quick post guys.

Happy to know the other day that I can get to Tweet even if I'm not online. My phone doesn't have Wi-fi capability, so outdated I know but happy it still works. Anyway, I guess you wanna know why, yep I am talking to you fellow tweeps. If you have an outdated phone like me, here's how:

Click on this link GladlyCast or Manually go to this site

I use SMS to tweet, if you were able to open the link, it will ask you to sign in via your Twitter or Plurk account. S
o from there, you will need to select your location, in my case, I chose Philippines. Next, it will ask for your mobile number then you will need to wait for the code which you will type on the site itself to activate your account. Easy as A B C.

I actually have discovered SMS tweeting way back, 2 months ago I think, but didn't use it because I don' have luxury for load, my SMS carrier is Globe so every tweet is like a peso each. The other day though, I found out I can tweet when I registered to unlimited texting and not just any other unlimited texting, it's text to all Network guys! And that's how I started tweeting even if the class in ongoing. Nice right? I think 20 pesos is enough for 200 tweet a day, plus I get to text all my classmates even those who are not Globe users. To all those who don't know yet on how to use the Globe Text To All Network, (take note, this is just for Globe Users), here's how:

On your phone, type SUPERALLTXT 20 then send to 8888. Wait for the confirmation then simple as that, you can text anyone of your friends or just, you know tweet!

Okei, gtg. Till next time!