Nov 6, 2010

Summary Of My Week

I am so relieved that the week ended well for me. It was a stressful one but not all days except the days before school started.
So this week I got to meet all my teachers for this semester, an interesting batch I say, really, first impression lasts. I think this is goin' to be one fun semester, it should be because I don't have math subject, totally relieved
. Most of the classmates that I have are teens, daym I FEEL so old but good thing I don't LOOK old. Some classmates of mine have unique names too like Kadeji (Ka-de-gee) and Fotini, they are Filipino people, moms this days, 100% effort in giving baby names.
Today I don't have class, this is my first weekend as a student and we already have a lot of home work, so next week, we get to do a lot of reporting. Most subjects that I enrolled has something to do with Phil. History and about the society. I am not happy with the combination of my subjects but I don't have any choice but to deal with it
So anyway, I am not gonna start the homework tonight because today is errands-and-family-day. I am done with the laundry but was pissed as hell this morning because people chose to do their laundry today as well. Tsk, so I let them finish first and around afternoon, that was the time I got to start with my chores. People in this place are that understanding, I know.
Pia will be up in a few minutes so the plan is either to watch Spongebob or let her play with the cuzin. If Spongebob is what she prefers, we will be watching it together but if she prefers the second option, I'll try to finish a few homework. D has his own plans tonight, he will be out so I will be having dinner alone again.
'til here guys. Thanks for dropping by.