Nov 27, 2010

Nokia C3, I Want!

Weeks ago, during a walking trip along session, we passed by a local cellphone shop and caught a glimpse of this hot pink cellphone inside the glass display stand. It looks expensive so I didn't ask for the price at first but since one of my walking buddy was taking her time talking to an unfamiliar face, I asked the sales lady how much the phone was, I was totally shocked when she said its 6,700 pesos, promise, the phone looks expensive, here's a picture and you be the judge...

...guys, meet Nokia C3 phone. Physical features are mostly the same with a Blackberry phone. For specs of this phone, just click on this link Nokia C3 Phone Specifications.

I don't know about you guys but with the looks of this phone, it looks quite expensive to me, I was expecting like 10k plus, so when I found out it's just 7k, I fell in love with it just like that
. Plus, I am a hundred percent sure that me and this phone are goin' to be compatible for a long time because I get to use it for tweeting and facebook-ing and emailing and other stuff besides texting and calling of course. It also has WLAN which is good, it's gonna save me 50 bucks a day for unlimited surfing. It doesn't have 3G though but that's okei, at least the phone that I have now has one and just in case I get to buy this phone, I ain't planning to sell my Z610i phone though it's painfully looking old, it wont go anywhere, I don't ditch stuff just like that not unless it died on me.

So anyway, the other day, after my P.E. class at Centermall, I passed by another cellphone shop and noticed that they have a mint green color for this kind of phone, I asked for the price and the seller said it's 5,990 pesos. Got skeptical though because from what I've heard, Nokia C3's colors are Slate Gray, Golden White and Hot Pink. I think it is a China phone version, the fact that it's a thousand cheaper than the first one that I saw. One of this days, when I get to go to SM, I'ma go to the Nokia shop and ask for the price.

I am planning on selling my iPod for this (yep I want it this bad since my phone is showing signs that it is ready to retire) but decided not to because this is my one and only reliable companion at school. Since I don't have a job yet, I only have 2 asa-ka-pa options, ask Santa for it this Christmas or look for someone who's willing to loan me 7k and wait for the payment until I get a job without charging any interest. If you are that second option, PM me asap! loljk (no srsly)

'til here, have a safe Saturday guys!