Nov 25, 2010

Good Morning Prelims!

It's 3 minutes before 3 in the morning and I am still up. Yep kinakarir is the correct term. I have to though, since this is the first exam, why not make good at it. I have to review on 5 subjects for my Thursday schedule. I'm done with Psycho, a little info on NatSci because our instructor is not much of an elaborate writer on the board, and the one I was working on next is Sociology which will be continued after this post. Since the rest of the people here are all asleep, I get to have the whole house all by myself but noise is limited of course. So here is a glimpse of my review area...

...a blanket, tinky and scattered books and notebooks. Chose to study in the living room because the light is much brighter than in our room, dim light makes me sleepy. Aside from that, when I see someone sleeping, being cozy and all that, I feel sleepy too.

Next set of pictures are stuff that I need for tomorrows exam & also stuff that keeps me awake.... first picture is my permit for the exam later, iPod (this here is working so hard to keep me company) and yosi. 2nd picture, again my tinky, a cup of Joe (my second cup for the day) and again pack of cigarettes. This are stuff that helps me keep up today. After posting this entry, I'm thinking of taking an early shower to feel fresh and energized. It's been awhile since the last time I stayed up this late. I'm not planning to sleep today, so far I'm doing good, I almost fell asleep earlier though, good thing I was able to wave away Mr. Zzzz.

So anyway, good morning guys. Wish me luck 'kei!