Nov 3, 2010

Day 1 of School

Second semester this year started today. I managed to get out of bed 5:30a.m.. got to school around 7. Despite the change of rooms, I managed to not be late on my first day. This is the getting-to-know-each-other-week and I get to befriend Jen from Pampanga who's taking up Political Science. She's nice and she talks a lot, I liked her today, hopefully we get to be friends until the end of semester. As expected, there are always those classmates whose brain was stuck during their puberty stage. That annoys me a little and I hope they would not giggle so much because I can't hold my poker face when it comes to that, yep a pet peeve. One teacher asked us to give dislikes and most of the people said, they are not comfortable with people who don't talk much. I was the second one who introduced myself to the class and I mentioned I that I don't talk much. Others may take it as being as a snob, I want to care but I train myself not to, because making friends is not my top priority this semester. Anyway, I had my I.D. done today but before that, I went to have my hair cut, I have a pixie like cut now and with bangs. I don't like what the hair dresser did but I'll get used to it. Now blow drying and hair ironing will be part of my morning routines starting tomorrow.

So I survived my first day. Yay to me (sarcasm aside)!
That's it for today. Goodnight!