Oct 2, 2010

Welcome Tinky Dear :)

Welcoming back my "tinky" today!

It took 3 nights and 4 days before I finally got it back. It took that long because my simple instructions was not followed. There are 3 things that I asked them to do on my laptop. First is to remove the other OS (winXP)installed because it keeps asking me for a code (which I don't have any idea) before I can use it. Second is to remove all downloaded programs because it is awfully running slow and thirdly is to install the same OS that I have and that is W7 Ultimate. Notice the word Ultimate in bold letter, well I'll get to that later.So anyway, I left it at their shop for overnight.

The next day, excited and all to get my tinky back, had to wait till 5 in the afternoon coz' that is the only time we can claim it. When I reached the place, the technician said they just removed the other OS, didn't reformat it anymore because they can't see anything wrong with it. I said it is running slow and there are a lot of programs installed and they need to remove everything for me to install more updated stuff. They said okey but I have to leave it for another night! Pissed as I am, I said okey. Another night went by, this time I asked D to get it for me, and then came a text message from D saying that they installed a wrong Operating System, instead of W7 Ultimate, they installed Home Premium. WTF right? So I researched the shop's number (btw, the shop's name is Micro Star, along session beside Mcdo in case you're interested) then I called them immediately, the tech said they installed a different one because the one that I requested is an OS not that stable yet. Well I had been using my laptop for almost a year now, I should be the one to judge if there is a problem with it and so far I had none. Again the technician said if that is what I want then they will do it but the laptop needs to stay with them for another night. With unimaginable pissed-off face, held back, good thing I was talking to the man over the phone, I agreed but I said I badly need it the next day for my job. Good thing Cristina(my sister-in-law) left her laptop when they went to Bulacan, at least I still was able to surf, D has a desktop PC but it is also a slow poke. Finally on the 4Th day, missing my tinky so bad, was able to get it back. I tested it before I left and it's pretty much working fine now. It is way faster than before and I have Microsoft Word now instead of WordPad. They also made an effort to install Skype and Yahoo Messenger and I also have Avira as my AntiVirus.

Just want to share as well, I am not comfortable blogging using another laptop. Idk, it's like using a regular notebook rather than using my diary in sharing stuff. Hopefully, I can get to use my tinky for a long time w/o any probs. I am now careful with stuff I download and I see to it that downloaded stuff should be saved on drives D:/ and E:/. That's about is for today. Thanks for dropping by again.

_kBye_ =)