Sep 27, 2010

Bahay-bahayan :)

So for 2 nights and 3 days, me D and Pia was left all by ourselves at home. My in-laws decided to take a short break from work. They really need a breather since me and D can't remember the last time mama and tatay had their vacation. So they decided to go to Bulacan all of a sudden to visit D's lola together with the sister-in-law with her 2 kids of course.

So being all by ourselves, mama suggested we just order to go's since D is going to be busy with the shop. Mom knows I don't know how to cook. I usually just settle for bread and pancit canton. So during the first night, we ate at a restau as mama suggested. We spent the whole night at the mall, Pia played at Playmate while me and D tried some arcade games then rented DVD's @ video city. The second day, D went to the shop early so me and Pia was left alone. Nothing much happened, just the usual stuff the mom and daughters do. In the afternoon while Pia was napping, I popped in DVD's to pass the time out. When dinner time came D decided to cook pinapaitan, one of my favorite dish. It tasted okey but it still didn't pass the way my dad cooks it but at least D made an effort(notice all the bold letter D's? lol!).

So anyway we at least managed to survive. We usually rely everything to my in-laws. I got used to it because before D and I even started dating, I was already working at a call center so 'ma supported me all the way, she understands how hard it is to work graveyard shifts and she shows it by not letting me do anything around the house except to take care of Pia. While for D, he grew up to be the person who gets what he wants without hard labor. He helps over at their shop and I think that it is the only job that he's comfortable doing for now. His dream is actually to own a bar, we're all giving him the motivation but in my own opinion, as long as his parents gives him what he wants without working hard for it(yeah he's a bit spoiled) then it's gonna take a couple more years for the motivation part. I suggested that we take one of their for rent apartments but I didn't get an "okey" answer from him yet.

It's nice that we get to be all by ourselves once in a while. In time we get to own our own place. I am comfortable with the set up that we have for now. I am going back to school a few weeks from now and I need extra hands to help out in taking care of Pia. That's it for today!

_kbye_ =0