Oct 20, 2010

Purple Day

“This Wednesday, in remembrance of the gay’s who took their lives and to help spread awareness of homophobic bullying, the Nutella Corporation has decided to launch a new limited edition line of purple colored Nutella products”

I almost forgot to wear purple today. If you remember the blog I made(if not just click on this link Against Gay Bullying), I mentioned wearing a purple shirt but sadly all I have is a lavender peasant shirt (at least it's almost purple). I didn't bother taking a picture of me wearing it because I look weird in pictures except on stolen shots, I am not comfortable camwhoring fyi. So anyway, I found this article on Tumblr. It's nice to know that certain BIG companies like Nutella took part in such event.
Besides wearing an almost purple shirt, I also changed my profile picture on Twitter. It is a purple flower plus the sky, I love it.

Let us support Anti LGBT bullying.

Till here. Wonderful Wednesday to us.