Oct 30, 2010

Officially A Student

It's been a while since my last post (at least that's what I think). Well that's what usually happens when I am depressed. As much as possible, I don't want to blog about it.

So anyway, I am officially enrolled at the University of Baguio. After a lot of thinking done, I decided to follow my heart and took the course AB Broadcasting. It's a tough decision considering the scarcity of employment on this field but I took the risk rather than suck at a course I never wanna see myself doing as long as I live, yep I am talking about you Nursing

So there upon enrollment, it is still as hard as it was before
, almost 6 years ago. The process was so confusing, thank God, I met someone who assisted me the whole day, literally from 9am till 53o pm, until I finally got a hold of my encoded subjects. My angel's name that day is Kat. This is supposedly her last semester at the University but she was not allowed to enroll that day because of some issues with her account. I met her at a line going to the cashier, she was in front of me. She looked approachable so I asked her to give me the instructions on what to do first because I was totally lost. She happily helped me out, I had the instructions already but then, upon knowing that she can't enroll that day, she offered to help me out. She has been with the University for 2 years now so she was such a big help when it came to looking for the correct building for the signature part from people. It took the whole day because of the shifting process, I had to go through evaluation from the Dean and the Guidance Counselor. Good thing the GC was a workmate of mine before so I got through counseling without those kid stuff questions I need to go through (my other angel that day) thanks Bernababe loljk.

Long story short, as of the 26th of October 2010, I welcomed myself to the estudyante world. School starts next week, Wednesday. Earliest class is 7:30am Monday to Friday, so starting next week, goodbye to waking up late, my last class ends at 4:30pm. Saturday and Sunday, No Classes for me.

Right now, I am nervous about the school stuff
, at the same time busy job-hunting. I badly need a job, it's hard to look for one since most jobs available are not welcoming part time applicants. I worry myself too much you know. I want to see results right away instead of wait in God's time. Well I am doing what I can and if it is not the right time yet, I will wait. I am just worried that my mom will worry too much again because I know how hard it is to pay tuition fees for 2 sisters both studying in college. I want to help mom financially. Hope I get a job soon.

'till here. Happy Halloween