Oct 8, 2010

I Hate U Mr. Gym

Was so upset last night, so upset I wasn't able to finish this blog. It's about D. For almost a week now, he's been obsessed going to the gym. What's bad about that? Well he started going to the gym with his as-of-now-best friend Niko. Like everyday since they started, D leaves the house around 1pm then comes home around 11pm. For the first few days, he first goes to their shop, then around 6:30pm, that's the time they head to the gym. When he gets home, he already took a shower because it's for free where he works out. Then he eats dinner, while doing so, he talks a little about what happened to his day. Because of the hours he uses for work out, he's too tired to play with Pia. The next morning, he wakes up around 9, cooks breakfast then for maybe 2 hours, he plays online games. When Pia, our daughter asks him to play with her, he says mommy na lang (go ask momi to play with you). After playing online games, he takes a shower then off to the gym. Yesterday was a different story though. Around 10am, his a-hole friend called, I think it ought to be a secret because he went to the room, so as for me not to hear the conversation. He then said he needs to go by 1 pm, I didn't bother asking why. So he prepared and took off. Around 5, tatay called asking what we want to have for dinner then asked if D didn't go out today and I said he did but tatay said he didn't drop by the shop. And then I found out from my sister that she saw D at the mall. I didn't receive any text message from him until he got home around 11pm. I waited for him to tell me about what happened to his day but didn't bother to instead he just keeps texting then went out again without telling me.

Am I to shallow to be upset about that? Maybe, well I am not used to him acting this way. I'd rather have him spend time drinking with his other friend because at least he just goes out twice a week. Is there a girl involved that's why he's acting weird? Definitely not. Even if his a-hole friend is known to be a chick magnet, I still don't think D has capabilities of being one, (not because of the physical aspect but it's just so not him). So anyway, D is not feeling well so instead of being mad, I let it pass and is currently taking care of him. Hmm, lovelovelove, even if that person knows how to push my buttons, I can't stay mad at him. There will be a lot more petty stuff and arguments that's gonna happen between us. And also, I am not the kind of person who gives up on relationships that easily. I compromise a lot of times and even though he is 3 years older than me, I think I am the one who acts maturely.

So anyway will be leaving you with this song from Mary J. Blige ft Jay Sean. You know what to do.

Each Tear

Have a great day guys!
_kBye_ =o