Oct 13, 2010

Tweaks and Stuff

Hello there! I added a few tweaks for my blog. Well besides the layout, I added tabs just below the header. On my tabs I included Chat Session. If you click on that tab, we can chat using the yahoo PingBox I created yesterday. If you have the time, go ahead and check it out then drop me a line.

Besides that, I also added a widget box for twitter. It is located on the left side of my page, it is named well, Latest Tweets. I took pictures on the stuff I added but didn't include it here anymore because I figured you can easily locate the stuff that I am talking about. The next thing I'ma add is the RETWEET button but decided to do it soon anyway I don't have that many posts yet.

I am doing all these stuff before classes starts because I know I don't have enough time anymore when that happens. Speaking of school, this shit has been bugging me for weeks now, especially since I have less than 2 weeks to slack. I'm having mixed emotions right now. Going back to school scares me
but I have to, no other choice unless I want to work as OFW abroad (no offense) so that I can give my daughter a better future. That's all I can think off right now, my mind is busy wandering off.

Till here guys! Goodnight