Oct 17, 2010

FML! It's About School

Just done watching movies with D, well he went to sleep a little early but I stayed up. I missed watching celeb gossips and news on late nights. A change on my night routines, watched instead of staying in front of the PC after dinner till 3 in the morning.

So anyway, I am now waiting for typhoon Juan. According to the news it's a super typhoon, and just a couple of minutes ago, there are already some areas at Northern Luzon that's up to signal number 1, CAR so far has none yet.

Aside from the typhoon, I am a little preoccupied today. While taking a shower this morning, it hit me that it's just a couple more weeks, more or less 2 weeks, I am gonna be welcoming college life. The main thing that bothers me so much is the course that I should be taking. I keep mentioning this and yes I know, I mentioned on my previous blog that I am gonna tell you why going back to school scares me. At first, when mom and I was talking about going back to school, I was 100% sure that I want to take up BA Broadcasting. Supposedly MASCOM but since Broadcasting is now offered, I thought, it's much better for me to work at a studio rather than assigned to different places as a field reporter. Anyway it pretty much does the same thing, to report.

Reasons why it bothers me so much:

  • 1. I am 20-ish and I think there are age limits to this kind of job. One time I saw an ad on T.V. looking for reporters between 21-26 years old. FTW! By the time I graduate I'ma be 30. I attended college before but I know that the subjects I took won't be carried to the course I am goin' to take now. I am thinking that the only time I get a job is if I made it as a DL or make the list of honorable mention.
  • 2. I won't be able to take all the subjects I need for that semester because I am thinking of working part time. I can't depend on my mom for my allowance and to pay my whole tuition because I also have a sister who's in college. I was thinking of applying as a working student but mom disagreed because I won't have time for my daughter.
  • 3. I still am looking for a job, most jobs I know doesn't offer part time jobs. If you know any here in Baguio, please PM me.
I was thinking of taking Psychology, but every time I watch the News, I know in my heart that it is the job I wanna involve myself into. The 3rd course I have in mind is 2 yrs. HRM. I told my big sister about it but she said mom would disagree. You see, my mom's top priority for us is our education, to finish college(the 4 year course). I want to make my mom proud but because of my age I am not sure anymore. Nursing is the very least course I wanna take up. I hate blood and yep blame it to mom for letting her decide for me.

So you see my dilemma here? This afternoon, I got a text message from mama telling me to drop by her classroom to get the money for the down payment for school so that I can enroll early. That's when it really hit me that I am going back to school, no more full time mom/slacking.

Another thing that bothers me is the school I am getting myself involved into. I heard it's a school for sosyalera, fashionista, rich students and composed mostly of snobs. OMG, none of those mentioned is included in my vocab. And the fact that I hate crowds and group activities and insensitive teachers and classmates made of cosmetics, idk if I can last for a year. I hope I can hold on for more or less 3 years to my main motivation for this, my daughter who else?

Yeahyeahyeah, fml, don't judge, I told you my brain is cluttered.
So 'till here readers. Happy Saturday for me and Blessed Sunday to us.



  1. ...tatanda ka nyan sa dami ng iniisip mo, pati ako napaisip tuloy. hehe :D

    kaya mo yan! aja!

  2. kakainis nga naman ang lagi nag iisip. sana nga makayanan :)