Oct 11, 2010


When I woke up today, I figured it will be the same as yesterday. I woke up around 10:30 am. Had brunch with D and Pia, wash dishes, clean the house, watch CSI, in the afternoon, I either take a nap or surf the internet until dinner, surf again or watch movies with D, tuck pia to bed, surf a little bit then goodnight. That is my life for almost half a year now, a plain housewife .

Today though there is a slight change, well not from my daily routine but on my blogger. I had my very first commenter evah!
Thank you so much Mots for leaving your thought on my post It's 10.10.10 that was yesterday. And not only that, he is now also following me . Yep, I am gushing because like on FB, I sort of received a poke from someone whose blog is so awesome and inspired me to create a tagalog blog. That is another thing that I have been busy about this afternoon. I created another blog. The blog title is Gel Gi, sort of the Filipino spelling of Jill Gee. I used Gel because mostly, when someone asks for my name like in a grocery store, they usually spell it as GEL . Originally, the blog was supposed to be a Mom blog but decided to rather post it here. I am aware that my grammar is not that good so I figured I can blog without too much groping of English words. If you noticed, I also was able to figure out on how to add smileys on my posts.

I am really hoping that I have the time to update my blogs frequently when I get back to school.
That's about it for today. Great Monday Guys!