Oct 10, 2010

It's 10.10.10

So today is October 10, 2010. What is special about this day besides the fact that this month has 5 Fridays and Sundays and according to some it brings luck that we have to use it properly or it is the best time to get married etc, etc....

According to a Master in Numerology, Marinah Ng Wai Leng believes it's best to stay home than risk the dangers that 10.10.10 might bring. Read more about: 10.10.10 Good or Bad?

Here at home, we use it to just be cozy and comfortable and just slack off. Mom suggests we bring Pia to the small and have our own family day since it's a Sunday but since D is still not feeling well, we decided to just stay home and do it the next morning. It's a good thing we didn't go out because the fog outside is too much that at 4 o'clock it seems like it's already 6 in the evening. So since D and Pia is taking a nap, I decided to go outside and snap some photos for my blog.

Here are a few of the shots I took. 5 different snapshots taken from different parts of our place. It is obviously so foggy. Look at the 4th picture, that shot was taken from our terrace. Because the fog is so thick, I can't barely see my neighbor's house. It is also raining hard right now and the weather is so cold that is why I prefer staying home. The last shot here was taken after the fog. Notice that it is the before(with fogs)and after(w/o fog) picture for the 5th picture and the last one. Nice view aye? I love looking at the last picture, it's like a picture for new hope.

So because of the weather outside, besides sleeping and movie marathon-ing, I also like to munch.
These pictures below are just some that I so love to cook, fish balls and fish crackers (besuto) with vinegar dip. Yum-eeee!
I'm supposed to show you another photo of my favorite food but I decided to just make another entry of that soon and because blogger is not allowing me to add another image 'am not sure why.

So anyway, this is basically what my 10.10.10 is all about. I followed what the numerologist said, to stay home. A lot of people follow Feng Shui when it comes to stuff like this. I can't blame them, anyway this date comes only every hundred years. So whatever you're trying to do today, make sure you give thanks to God for all the blessing and most especially that you are alive to experience 10.10.10.

Feel free to share your experiences for
10.10.10 on the comment box.

That's about it for me today. Still have until 10 pm to watch Disney Channel Movies with my daughter and D.

Have a great Sunday Guys!

_kBye_ ❤


  1. nagtulog maghapon. heheh sa darating na 11 11 11 at sa 12 12 12 din siguro.

  2. Hahaha! tama tama wala nman bago except ung movie marathon sa Disney Channel. Salamat sa pag comment at pag follow. Astig ng blogs mo :)