Sep 18, 2010

Tumblr vs. Blogspot

Yey, my site is almost ready. Took most of my time yesterday and today tweaking it.
So tonight my second entry is about Tumblr and Blogger.
I was using blogger first. The first time I've used this, it was hard.
Having problems selecting the right layout and fonts.
I actually spent most of the time researching pre-made layouts.
You see, before I start blogging, I make sure that when I view my blog, it is how I want it to look like.

Going to my tumblr account, it is very friendly for amateur "starter" blogger like me.

This buttons right here is what makes it unique.
The first button that says TEXT, that is for blog posts.
The 6Th button, it is my favorite.
See, I love sharing music. So what I do is to just click on that button, select the music saved on my PC, accept Terms of Service, wait for the upload which takes like just a minute then it's done. Just click on this link to check some of my music post, to also know what I'm talking about.
It is fun using tumblr, it is as easy as ABC. Now the question is why on blogger again? Well the first few months using this site was fun, I didn't have any followers yet, I was able to post problems, personal too because I considered it as my diary online like what you are doing now. The previous month, I started to have followers, it was okay at first but then few more started following. It should be okay because they like what they see right? But the thing is when I found out that most of my followers are teens, it didn't feel comfortable sharing anymore. The problem is obviously with me. I dunno, it's okay if they are like almost 20 but No, youngest is like 14. I ain't happy with that, my problems aren't just about pimples and puppy love and school stress. Kids should not know how crappy life is from me. Let others do that, I feel like I should be like a sunny flower, fairy godmother-kinda like person for them. NO, I don't want to be a negative-vibes-giver person. After knowing how young my readers are, some of my post went to my private blogs. I also want to do some serious blogging that's why I decided to go back to blogger, I feel more of myself here. Lets just say my random attention span is on tumblr, mostly pictures and re- blogs are there and while for blogs, it is gonna be here. It also is going to help me with my writing and grammar checks, i need to practice these 2 because I am planning to shift my Nursing course to Broadcasting.
I am still going to use Tumblr, I love re blogging, it is addictive.

I see myself blogging until I am old and it is going to be here. You can see how random I am and how cluttered my thoughts are. If you don't like what you see, just click on the exit button.It's past 2am, I am not sleepy yet though, I might be doing re blogs on tumble later. Till here guys! Mwah.

P.S. Why is there no strikethrough button here??