Sep 21, 2010

Trips & Tinkys


Saw this Meme from ate Ane's site.
A lot of things on my mind lately so I decided to be random today.
Here Goes:

Tomorrow, I am heading to the province (Ifugao) to attend the burial of one of my batch mates. I might be staying there for 3 days and I am not planning on bringing my laptop
because the last time I went there was 2003 I think and bringing my tinky would be a bad idea. Those 3 days should be used on catching-up-time with my senior year friends. I might not be able to blog during those days that I am away not unless I get bored and look for a computer shop available. I think I can survive a few days without internet.

I am hating my
tinky (that would be the name of my laptop in case U don't know and yes it has a name not that it's a big deal to you) because it is super slow. I don't have a lot of saved stuff here but I don't know why it runs super slow. Even my Flock browser locks up frequently even if I have a few tabs open. Clearing cache and cookies didn't do any good. I can say that it's not a virus problem because I don't get any pop ups and I have Mcafee installed months ago and it perfectly runs on the background. This has to be solved a.s.a.p. because I hate slow computers and slow connection. D will be transferring important files from this computer to the desktop, after that, tinky will be off to the computer doctor.

I am spending most of the time making blogger suitable for me. I am almost done with the layout and liking it so much. The problem is when I start blogging, adding Strikethrough on text and Read More is a hassle because those buttons are not on the post editor so I have to manually put the HTML code for both. I also am still trying to figure out on how to add music on certain blog posts. I will be researching also on how to change the color of the titles on all my posts. Gosh there are a lot of stuff to do especially to someone like me who relies so much on google on "how to's" when it comes to HTML stuff. Good thing I was able to figure out on how to center the Linky of this meme. Oh and before I forget, the Greasemonkey add-on doesn't work on the Flock browser. It works only on Mozilla but then when this add-on is enabled, I can't change the text size, it's just stuck on "large size". Good thing I have a few more weeks to slack before school starts.

I am happy that my sister-in-law's laptop will be arriving today. It was shipped from the States and it took a month for her to blab about how excited she is. Happy because I don't get to share my tinky anymore. We have another desktop computer but it has a lot of virus in it and virus on Pc is equal to slow and pop ups and crashing of the PC.
D also can install his games on her laptop because I heard that the laptop's spec's are more updated than mine and that means more disk space for me.

So,that's it for me today! Im'a have to pack for tomorrow's trip. Have a great week guys!