Sep 22, 2010

Got Music on My Posts, Nice!

Yey! My first post ever with music on it, I am so happy!
It only needs a small argument with D for me to have that will to figure it out.
I am not sure though why this post is in bold letter even if I un-click the bold button.
Not much of a big deal as long as the music works on my posts. Yey to me again!
Sorry, I can't seem to contain my happiness, it's just that it took days for me to figure this one out.

I am supposed to be sleeping already because of the trip I mentioned on my previous blog but I can't seem to, maybe because I am excited since it's been ages since I last went on a long trip alone. Yep, I am going alone on a 7 hour drive, all by myself with my iPod. Well the main reason for this trip is for me to attend a funeral of a friend, I wanna see him for the very last time before he's laid to his final resting place.

With regards to the music posted, this has been a trial and error basis and the only music I have in mind while editing the HTML is this one "Got Ur Back" by T.I. ft Keri Hilson. It is one of my fave song today and I am soooo loving it!
Just click on the title of the song below, hope you like it too!

Got Ur Back

Till next time folks! Happy Wednesday!