Sep 27, 2010

Funerals, Reunions & Disappontments

Nothing much happened anyway so I'll just breakdown what happened during my 3 nights and 4 days trip. Lets start with....

Day 1: It was a dizzy ride. Since I wasn't early enough to catch the bus trip, I decided to just take the 4 hour drive going to my destination. Thought it is much better than taking the bus which is a 7-8 hour drive. Since it was my first time passing through Ambuclao Road which is the shortcut, I wasn't warned of that almost 4 hours zigzag road and it made me totally nauseated an hour after the trip started. I almost barfed inside the van. My aunt forgot to warn me about that, I would've taken Bonamine.
So there, after that excruciating trip, I finally arrived at my tita's place. It was super hot, around 3 pm and the only people there at that time was my gay tita but we still call him uncle Mon and some workers painting the house. My uncle was passing the time watching DVD's so after a little catching up, I decided to take a nap. Good thing I brought my iPod because it would be hard for me to sleep hearing hammer-ing and talking people outside. My bestfriend that afternoon was my iPod and an electric fan. That night, I was able to attend Timot's wake and there I saw most of mt batch mates too but sadly they can't seem to remember me, well I can't blame them since it has been almost 6 years the last time I visited the place. I actually felt like an outcast that time, good thing Cye and Rhen was there and also Rhen's wife Aizelle kept me company and updated me with stuff goin on in Lamut. Went home around 1 am.

Day 2: Spent the whole morning sleeping. Nothing to do anyway. Around 1, went to the church for Timot's funeral. It took almost 3 hours because of the Eulogy, a lot of people gave their fun memories with Timot. Around 5, spent most of the time waiting. The plan was supposed to have a couple of drinks but I was a bit disappointed that most of my batch mates decided to go home. Good thing I have Cye, Rhen and Aizelle to accompany me again that night. The same as day one, did a lot of catching up, we have to coz I missed a lot during those 5 years. Went home around 10 p.m.

Day 3: I slept almost the whole day. I can say that my vacation was not that of a waste because with that very hot weather, moving or doing anything is unbearable. Uncle Mon asked me to help him out with unpacking of stuff aunt had for her kitchen but gave up after 5 minutes, I can't beat the heat even with iced cold coke and 2 That is why I preferred to get stuck with my music and the electric fan and the bed cozy enough that even ants prefer to stay there. I was supposed to take the night trip but since my aunt is a few of the people I know who changes the plan as soon as it's laid out so instead of night trip, she decided that we take the earliest trip by morning. So after dinner, I settled myself again in the room watching saved movies on my iPod. Was supposed to update my aunt with the stuff that I found out about some people in Lamut(and yep spent most of my time listening to gossips, it's fun) but I realized I was out of it because that was what I have been doing every time I get home coming from Timot's house and when I start talking, I talk fast afraid that I would miss out on the juicy stuff. So anyway around 8:30 p.m, aunt Rani received a text message from Rhen inviting to go out with of course his wife. The transpo we used was his motor cycle which I didn't reject because I've known Rhen and I trust his driving skill. So we went on a 45 minutes drive, surprised Cye, went to a bar called RedOrange, stayed there for almost 3 hours then moved to Hilander, according to them, this is the hippest place in town. It's quite okey, hotel and resort plus disco house. There was a live band and just for fun,I sang "iloveyougoodbye" then I got bored, the music was so loud we can't seem to start a topic and I didn't feel like dancing so i asked them if they wanna move outside and we did and it was more fun. We made okray a lot of people. After Hilander, we went to Jolibee, ordered coffee then talked some more. Around 4a.m, dropped Cye off to her place and the 3 of us headed home.

Thanks to these 3 guys, my stay was worth it. I was expecting a bit more but hey, the reason that I went there in the first place was to attend funeral so disappointment was there but not that much. I just missed the place and some of the people but sadly as I said, the place changed and so are some people. My family are planning to spend the New year at Lamut and I am not gonna expect too much anymore. As long as Cye, Rhen and Aiz are there, I won't ask for anyone else anymore.

A boring blog it is but I still want to capture the trip in writing. Till here guys. I wish I can figure out on how to add READ MORE here.

_kbye_ =0