Sep 21, 2010

5 Things I Hate About College

Is getting nervous as enrollment day is getting near. It’s been awhile since I last attended school(college that is), and I completely forgot what it felt like. There are some not-so-happy memories, most of them actually that is a part of why I lost my interest in school.

Here are lists of things I hate and would hate again during my College Days:

  1. The Enrollment Phase:The University where I spent my first year in college if I remember it correctly are not that helpful and friendly. They tend to make you feel dumb. Was expecting for assistance since I am new at their school but what I get are grunts and irritation from them. I suggest they give out fliers that has complete details and requirements on what new comers, transferees and shifting to another course(like me) should do and the locations where we can finish the required stuff to start the semester.
  2. Group Works: It is way different from high school, different in a way that we constantly see each other, in college, if one team mate is not in on the project, he/she just “absents” her way out. And also I’m not good with discussions especially to newly acquainted people.
  3. Reenactments Projects: Is connected to group work and I hate it simply because I hate being stared at and is amenable to being a sucker for acting.
  4. An hour or 2 of Break time before the next subject: An hour will be spent at libraries or eating at the food court but if that would be for everyday, man that is boring and if it happens like 3 times to like every subject, spell ARGHH!!! 2 hours, I have the option to go home but if the place is 40 minutes (+ traffic jam),that equates to “never mind”.
  5. Giggly Classmates and Inappropriate Attire: For those semesters, these 2 kinds of classmates are always present like on a yearbook, a prom queen and the quarterback or the dream guy. This is a school and you go wearing backless tops and 4 inches heels with glitters on them. So yah, that’s how they express themselves… uhm, what are you trying to express exactly?? Slutty much??? Giggly is okei when not in the middle of a discussion with the professor that is.

A couple of weeks from now, I am goin’ to enter the college world again and I am nervous. Expectations? There is just one thing and that is for myself, get a Degree this time. I have the drive and hopefully it will stay within me until I graduate.


P.S. This is taken from one of my Tumblr Post, just wanted to share it here too.